Monday, November 29, 2010

Just Sharing

Splashing about in his splash pool. He loves water.

Helping Mummy wash the car. He had so much fun!

My little artist. He had loads of fun squishing the paint out of the brushes.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I thought I would give ICLW a go, I don't recall participating before and now I know I why. I suck. I do admit I probably chose one of my busiest weeks and when I had a moment I usually just skimmed through posts with little time to gather any thoughts about what I had just read therefore not leaving a comment. I did leave some comments but I am sure I didn't reach my quota, I didn't actually count.
So I would like to apologize to all the ICLW participants for not doing my part..


My Mums procedure has been postponed apparently the hospital is packed to the rafters and they also have a few lung transplant patients. So no go. No alternative date has been scheduled yet. Maybe it's a sign?

Boo's helmet is currently being produced, we should hear back this week.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Jacaranda

Me: Did you see that the Jacarandas are out?
Max: Yeah, they are everywhere, they are beautiful aren't they?
Me: They are so messy.
Max: They're not messy.
Me: Yes they are they drop all their purple flowers everywhere and make a huge mess.
Max: But that is part of their beauty, the carpet of purple they leave on the ground.
Me: Yeah but they are no fun when you park under one and your car has a blanket of purple on it.
Max: Just don't park near one.
Me: I am not saying they are not beautiful, they are. I love them, they are just messy.
Max: Oh you are such a clean freak, it's nature.
Me: No I am not..... Ok they are beautifully messy. (smirking)
Max: Shakes his head and sighs.

It's that time of the year again, where the Jacarandas are everywhere around Sydney. Every suburban street has a least one tree. If you stand on a hill you will see spots of purple everywhere from these huge trees. They remind me of Max. We had similar conversations every year when the Jacarandas where out.
I am really feeling Max around me with all the Jacarandas and I am thinking of him a lot. I was going to take a branch to him, so he could enjoy the Jacaranda but there was no trees I could access unless I was trespassing near my home. Yesterday Boo and I went to visit him I wanted to play him that song. As we drove there, I told Boo that we were going to see Daddy. He started blowing kisses, he made me cry. He has only just started to blow kisses, it just amazes me that he knows when it is appropriate. As I drove through the front gates of the cemetery I just smiled as I saw two huge Jacaranda trees canopying the driveway. I had never noticed them before. Max has his Jacarandas close by, he is enjoying them.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Bum Shuffling

This is for those of you that have never seen a bum shuffler before.
It's just a snippet before he gets totally distracted. When he gets going he is very, very fast.

I had never seen a bum shuffler before Boo. He gets LOTS of comments on it when people see him. He also gets really sore, red and bruised ankles if he isn't wearing shoes and socks, but that wont stop him.

He tried to bum shuffle over the pebble creek at the splash park but soon realised it wasn't a good idea.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Can't Think Of A Title.

Boo and I had another great day today spending it with friends and their little ones I met online. We hung out in our backyard and had lunch, the little ones played with toys and enjoyed splashing in splash pools. I love the internet, I have met so many wonderful people that I have connected with. Not to mention my beautiful Max who I met online. And all of you wonderful blog readers. Although we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Aus, I am very thankful for the world wide web.

Just a brief post today, I have a whopping headache from most likely too much sun.

I haven't heard from Boo's Helmet Dr yet, I think I will give him a call tomorrow to see were it is at.

I managed to get Boo into a Family Day Care with a family friend next year . She had one space available on the Wednesday, which is great! Not only do I know her but she is just up the road from our house, so very convenient. I am going to fill out the paperwork on Monday. I am very happy about that.

My Mum is going to have another stent put into her esophagus/lung on Monday. Since she now only has the one lung functioning her Specialist is concerned that the cancer will grow quickly and close off the other. I am not really keen on her having any procedures and have told her so but she feels like if she doesn't do it then she has given up. I just don't think her body is as strong as it was when she had the first one done a few years back. I don't think she remembers how bad she felt after it. I know that every time Max had a procedure it was a step backwards. Anyway it's her decision and we will hope for the best.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Thing Called Parenting

Apart from the Spider bite, which I survived by the way, I have had a good week. The best week I have had in a long time. I met up with lots of friends with their little ones. I love seeing Boo interact with other children, he so social. The weather is warming up so we are doing lots of outdoor activities which he loves. He makes me laugh every day, I can see his little sense of humour coming out which I love. Even though he still isn't saying much he certainly understands a lot. He has become more vocal and trying to communicate even though I can't make sense of the words. He is getting lots of bumps and bruises from falls as he becomes more adventurous and standing up and cruising any piece of furniture he can. He has just decided that crawling is better than bum shuffling, he has never crawled. If he crawls he can get up steps which is great if he knew how to get back down!

He loves when I play with him and I make sure that we get plenty of play time together every day, which includes drawing, painting and reading. He is also playing well on his own now although usually is getting up to some mischief when I don't hear him for more than 5 minutes. He gives me loads and loads of kisses even when I don't ask for any. Those kisses just make my day.

I think I am getting the hang of this parenting thing, I wasn't sure at first, it was all a bit daunting to think I had to do it all on my own but I am coping and I even think I am doing an ok job of it too. But having said that I am feeling I do need some time out from time to time. Boo is becoming a handful the more mobile he is becoming and I rarely get long periods of time to myself, actually I rarely get any time to myself, just to do those things I need or want to do, like get a haircut or catch a movie. My sister is around but she is busy with her business and she is already doing a lot of running around for my Mum and Dad, so I don't like to ask her very often. I have decided to put Boo on the Family Day Care list for one day a week next year. Just to give me a break and give Boo more interaction with little ones which he loves. So I think it will be good for both of us.

I took Boo to the clinic yesterday, and 4 days short of being 15 months he weighs 12.7kgs and is 81cm tall. Max would be so proud of his Boo and I think he would be pretty chuffed with me too. I just wish he was here to enjoy it all too.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Little Superhero

This little Superman just went to bed totally exhausted after having a great day at his friends Superhero dress up party. I just had to share these.

Boo will always be my superhero.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


*** Warning for Mel and anyone else who has fear of spiders and bugs.

The most exciting thing that was meant to happen today was getting a long overdue haircut. I was really looking forward to getting a haircut, I was going with my niece we were both going to get our hair cut nice and short for Summer. I don't remember the last time I had it cut. Anyway it didn't happen.

Why? Well this morning after having a shower and getting dressed, I sat at the computer whilst Boo was asleep with my cuppa for a little time out. I felt this scratchy feeling in my undies. I thought it was a tag or something, then it was becoming more uncomfortable, so I got up from my chair and whilst standing in my office I took my pants off and then my underpants only too see a black thing fling onto the carpet in front of me. I didn't even have to have a close look because I could see what it was from standing. It had it's distinctive markings on it. I knew exactly what it was. A Redback Spider! "Redbacks are considered one of the most dangerous spiders in Australia. The Redback spider has a neurotoxic venom which is toxic to humans with bites causing severe pain." Holy shit! I ran into the bathroom to check out if it had actually bit me, using a hand held mirror to check out my bum crack, yes my bum crack! There was a bite alright and the pain was getting worse. I called my sister and told her just in case something happened to me so she was here for Boo. Then I called the ambulance. Could it have bitten me in an anymore uncomfortable area?? I was told by the 000 service to stay calm and very still and to put an icepack on the puncture site. It wasn't until she told be to stay calm that I started to feel anxious. She also said if I had any trouble swallowing or breathing to call them back if the ambo hadn't arrived. The venom is a slow moving one so as long as you stay still it will travel slowly. After about 15 minutes I started to get strong pain in my groin lymp node. The lymph node was fighting the toxins. My sister arrived before the ambulance. When the Ambo came he took my obs and did an ECG and all was fine. He also had to check out my bum crack, the poor guy. He told me about RB bites and what to expect, apparently the site can become an abscess.   I really hope it doesn't it would so bloody uncomfortable it's sore enough as it is. So apart from the actual bite being quite painful, the very sore lymph node, some nausea and a headache. I was fine, I still am and the nausea has subsided. He gave me an antihistamine and some painkillers an monitored me for about hour. He asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital or I could stay at home and see my GP in the afternoon to check the bite and to monitor my symptoms. I decided to stay home with Boo and my sister stayed with me too. So I survived a Redback Spider bite, well technically I have to monitor my symptoms for 24hours so if I make it till the morning then I have survived a RB bite.  I am pretty sure I will be here in the morning.

So how did the spider get in my undies you ask?
Well the only way I can think of is on the clothes horse. It's been raining so I have put the washing on the clothes horse under the carport. When it's windy sometimes the clothes horse blows over with all my clean clothes, so I tend to prop it up against the BBQ to give it a bit of stability. I noticed some webs on the side of BBQ cover, so it came from BBQ to clothes horse to my undies (oh by the way my undies where black so I had no hope in hell of seeing the bugger!)

She is a huge one too even my GP and the Ambo thought so, they had never seen one that big. I have it in a jar as souvenir, no actually I need to hold onto it case I do get any other symptoms. But I might hold onto it for a while for show and know.
I really need to watch Boo chasing bugs around the house, although RB's don't tend to come inside they can travel by other means like underpants!

That is why Australia is the lucky country because we have the most venomous everything, no seriously it is the lucky country.

I think I have become undiephobic I will never be able to wear underpants again! Just kidding...I think.
Ouch! my bum hurts and I still really need a haircut!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Sound of Summer

I am so in love with this song at the moment. It just says Summer! It makes me feel good, it makes me happy. Boo loves it too. It reminds me of Max, although he has never heard it as it is a fairly recent release, I know that he would love it. He liked Franti, so I am sure he would have liked this. I think I may play it for him next time we go and visit him. It makes me think of all the wonderful times we had together, our adventures, our travels, the beach, the love we had. I wish he was here to hear it and sing along with me and Boo in the car whilst we drive to the beach. I hope you enjoy it too.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Some Moments

I thought I would share a couple of my new favorite photos.

Two of the most precious people in my life sharing a moment. My Mum and Boo checking out my Dads budgies.
I love that Boo is so curious, although it does get him into trouble at times. He loves playing with the garden hose. Look at that muddy bum (from bum shuffling) and those chubby chomps.
Today he chased a Christmas beetle around in his room, close to catching it. Until I picked it up and took it outside. I am sure he would attempt to eat it next!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Boo's Helmet Part 1

Firstly I have decided to refer to Bubbaboo as Boo on my blog, because Bubbaboo is just a pain in the arse to write every time. So from now on he will be known as Boo, short and sweet.

Today I took Boo to have his cast made up for his helmet. He was so great. The Orthotics Doctor thought he was going to give him a hard time because he was being so cheeky before hand and laughing and giggling with him but instead he sat on my lap wrapped in a towel and let the Dr wrap his head in cling wrap, then pull a stocking thing over his head, he cut out a mouth and eyes. Then he put plaster strips over it to mold. Apart from a couple of times attempting to pull it off or at least have a feel of the plaster he sat there and waited for it to set. It helped that the Dr was so good with him and kept him entertained whilst he did it all. I then had choose a pattern that the helmet would be covered in once it was complete. There were so many to choose from I had no idea, at first I thought I would go for a simple design like denim or blue commando but then I decided that something that may attract him to actually put it on may be the go so I tossed up between Teletubbies or planes trains and automobiles or something like that. I decided on the later. It should be ready in a couple weeks.

I thought I would put some before photos up to show his head and hopefully put some progress ones up as we go.

As you can see it is quite flat on his right side and compensates on his left. His forehead protrudes very slightly on his left side also. From front on you don't really notice it and also his long curly hair covers it quite well for the moment. It is most noticeable with wet hair. He is looking down in this photo so it's a bit of a strange angle.
It's quite flat from this angle.
Also his ears are quite uneven so sunglasses wont sit on his nose which could be an issue in the future.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Thanks for all your wonderful comments in my last post. I get moments that I do wish I had done things differently. Different things trigger these moments for eg today I drove past the Putt Putt golf course I drive past it quite often as it is only up the road but today I remembered that Max had been wanting to go for ages, by the time we got around to it he could no longer stand for long periods of time so it was pointless even attempting it. It was one of his wishes we never got to make come true. But I do have to remember all the ones we did manage to make come true and there were many.

This was just one of his wishes.
I suppose we all have something to learn from this and that is to not put things off. If you really want to do something then just do it. Today as another storm was about to roll in, I stood outside and I thought to myself one of these days I am going to take Bubbaboo out and dance in the rain and I will. ( just as long as there is no lightening of course)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Regrets - I have a few

Lying in my bed early this morning feeling the emptiness beside me. This used to be our bed and not just my bed. I was remembering the last time Max lay in our bed by my side, before his recliner and hospital bed arrived in the house. He was so very uncomfortable in the bed and I could no longer get him up and out of it and he certainly didn't have the strength to get up.

Max was asleep so I got out of bed early and went about doing what I needed to do. I got the washing on, folded another basket of clothes, made bottles, tidied the house. It was the usual routine before Bubbaboo woke for the day. Not long after I noticed that Max had woken and just lay in the bed, I went in to check on him. He needed his pee bottle so I gave him a hand and went on to tend to his needs. The day went on as usual with me tending to both of my boys.

Later in the day, Max asked "why didn't you stay in bed this morning? You knew it was the last time I was going to be in our bed, it would have been really nice if you were there when I woke so I could have held you." He was really upset by it but to be honest I hadn't even thought about it. At this stage I was in doing mode, I rarely had time to think. My thoughts were all about getting things done and making sure everyone was comfortable and I was totally torn between them both. He was right, why didn't I? The chores could have waited. I should have laid by his side and waited for him to wake, so we could have laid there and held each other. I hate myself for not. Now the thought just makes me cry. I still hear him asking me why? I didn't know he would pass away so soon, it all just happened so quickly in the end. I do regret it. I should have laid by my husbands side so he could have held me for the last time.

All I want now are his arms around me but it's too late.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Helmet Head

So my tattoo is healing nicely so far, but gosh it was really sore yesterday, the day after. Ouch! I could hardly walk you don't realise how much pressure you put on that area of your leg when you take a step. It was quite red too but I am making sure to look after it correctly because hey this is for life and I want it to keep looking good. It is less painful today though. I do have one problem though, Bubbaboo. Since he is a bum shuffler and decided that the best place to hang out is at my feet, he has to keep touching it. He is fascinated by it. I have spent the last two days doing dances around him as I see his grotty little fingers coming in for a poke. Of course he thinks this is really funny so continues to go for it to see my reaction. A few times he has done it without me noticing, ouch cheeky little bugger.


I did forget to mention in Bubbaboos update that I was taking him to see another specialist for another opinion re: his plagiocephaly. It took a while to get into see someone.
Well that was today.... The appointment went well and it was suggested because his flat head is so bad, that we are going to try the helmet. We should get an appointment for his head to be measured up then get the helmet within the next couple of weeks. I was concerned that it may be too late as he is over 14 months old now, but the neurosurgeon said it is best to try it than not to do anything at all. And he is right, that is the way I feel also. I just wish it all happened sooner for numerous reasons, firstly because it would most likely have had better results faster and secondly now he has to wear the helmet through Summer. He is such a hot sweaty boy at the best of times, so this is just going to make him stinking hot. Hopefully he will adjust to it quickly. He needs to wear it for 23 hours a day but he can take it off when we go swimming or the beach and when he is in the sun, so that is ok. So my Bubbaboo is going to be a helmet head, it will all be worth it in the long term and if it doesn't work, well I can at least tell him that we tried.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ta Daaah! (It looks a bit muddy because it is still bleeding a bit)
And the most painful thing was having to listen to extra heavy metal being played full blast in the tattoo shop! No ok it did hurt a bit but it wasn't really that bad. It's actually hurting more now than when it was being done.

I think it's obvious what it represents.
What do you think?