Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Can't Think Of A Title.

Boo and I had another great day today spending it with friends and their little ones I met online. We hung out in our backyard and had lunch, the little ones played with toys and enjoyed splashing in splash pools. I love the internet, I have met so many wonderful people that I have connected with. Not to mention my beautiful Max who I met online. And all of you wonderful blog readers. Although we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Aus, I am very thankful for the world wide web.

Just a brief post today, I have a whopping headache from most likely too much sun.

I haven't heard from Boo's Helmet Dr yet, I think I will give him a call tomorrow to see were it is at.

I managed to get Boo into a Family Day Care with a family friend next year . She had one space available on the Wednesday, which is great! Not only do I know her but she is just up the road from our house, so very convenient. I am going to fill out the paperwork on Monday. I am very happy about that.

My Mum is going to have another stent put into her esophagus/lung on Monday. Since she now only has the one lung functioning her Specialist is concerned that the cancer will grow quickly and close off the other. I am not really keen on her having any procedures and have told her so but she feels like if she doesn't do it then she has given up. I just don't think her body is as strong as it was when she had the first one done a few years back. I don't think she remembers how bad she felt after it. I know that every time Max had a procedure it was a step backwards. Anyway it's her decision and we will hope for the best.


Miss Ruby said...

Fabulous to hear you've had such a lovely day!

And great news about getting Boo into one day a week care next year!

Re your Mum, I wish I had advice to give but I don't. Dad only had one lung functioning for the last couple of weeks before he passed over and towards the last few days, the C did spread and start to block the airway to his remaining working lung. Whatever she decides, I hope it's the right one for her.


maytey said...

That's great about the Family Day Care Vee. You won't know yourself!

Sending lots of love to you & your Mum. Will be thinking of you both on Monday. xx

Lut C. said...

Finding someone you trust does help to take the step towards daycare. If you know the person beforehand, that makes it so much easier.

Very tough to see your mother fight a losing battle with cancer, especially as you're so intimately familiar with it.

Anonymous said...

Here from ICLW - Sorry to read about your mother. I'll be keeping her and you and my prayers. It's nice to always be grateful, not just on thanksgiving, but I'm glad your US connections have you reflecting on positive things. Best wishes.

Bea said...

Thinking of your mum on Monday. It can be a really tough call with these procedures, but obviously your mum is not ready to sit back and let whatever happens, happen. I hope the procedure is easier on her than either of you expected.