Thursday, November 4, 2010

Helmet Head

So my tattoo is healing nicely so far, but gosh it was really sore yesterday, the day after. Ouch! I could hardly walk you don't realise how much pressure you put on that area of your leg when you take a step. It was quite red too but I am making sure to look after it correctly because hey this is for life and I want it to keep looking good. It is less painful today though. I do have one problem though, Bubbaboo. Since he is a bum shuffler and decided that the best place to hang out is at my feet, he has to keep touching it. He is fascinated by it. I have spent the last two days doing dances around him as I see his grotty little fingers coming in for a poke. Of course he thinks this is really funny so continues to go for it to see my reaction. A few times he has done it without me noticing, ouch cheeky little bugger.


I did forget to mention in Bubbaboos update that I was taking him to see another specialist for another opinion re: his plagiocephaly. It took a while to get into see someone.
Well that was today.... The appointment went well and it was suggested because his flat head is so bad, that we are going to try the helmet. We should get an appointment for his head to be measured up then get the helmet within the next couple of weeks. I was concerned that it may be too late as he is over 14 months old now, but the neurosurgeon said it is best to try it than not to do anything at all. And he is right, that is the way I feel also. I just wish it all happened sooner for numerous reasons, firstly because it would most likely have had better results faster and secondly now he has to wear the helmet through Summer. He is such a hot sweaty boy at the best of times, so this is just going to make him stinking hot. Hopefully he will adjust to it quickly. He needs to wear it for 23 hours a day but he can take it off when we go swimming or the beach and when he is in the sun, so that is ok. So my Bubbaboo is going to be a helmet head, it will all be worth it in the long term and if it doesn't work, well I can at least tell him that we tried.


DaisyGal said...

you're such a good mom, and Bubbaboo will be just fine..helmet head and all.

I love the's simply perfect. Just like you. *Smooch*

maytey said...

Glad you've got the ball rolling Vee, you must feel a lot better. Hope your leg heals soon! It looks great :)

Lut C. said...

I can imagine his glee to see you dance as soon as he waves a finger...

I hadn't noticed anything about Bubbaboo's head in the pictures - which says more about me perhaps. You've weighed the options, and taken an informed decision. It doesn't sound like fun the helmet, but it is temporary. And he won't remember, most likely - unlike taunting at school later on.
You'll find a way to deal with it, and I hope it works very well.