Monday, October 8, 2012

Since My Last Post

I updated my last post with my phone. I have only just noticed it didn't work. Appologies for those concerned and waiting on my results.

It's all good. I had my stitches out last week and got the all clear. Yay!


I have had a birthday. Yes I am a year older...blah. It was meant to be low key which I was happy about... really... but my family and friends wouldn't allow that. So I ended up celebrating for 3 days with dinners and lunches and loads of birthday cakes! Nice to have such wonderful people in my life.


I have had two 17 year old International students staying with me for a week, they are studying in Queensland and came to Sydney for a week of holidays. I was only meant to give them accommodation , but I ended up taking them sight seeing. I couldn't help myself, Boo and I love adventures so really it was not a problem at all. But it did keep us very busy. I am looking forward to getting back into our usual routine and claim back some me time.


We have had some unusually hot Spring days so I managed to have my first ocean swim. Bliss. I can't wait to make the beach a part of our weekly routine.