Wednesday, November 17, 2010


*** Warning for Mel and anyone else who has fear of spiders and bugs.

The most exciting thing that was meant to happen today was getting a long overdue haircut. I was really looking forward to getting a haircut, I was going with my niece we were both going to get our hair cut nice and short for Summer. I don't remember the last time I had it cut. Anyway it didn't happen.

Why? Well this morning after having a shower and getting dressed, I sat at the computer whilst Boo was asleep with my cuppa for a little time out. I felt this scratchy feeling in my undies. I thought it was a tag or something, then it was becoming more uncomfortable, so I got up from my chair and whilst standing in my office I took my pants off and then my underpants only too see a black thing fling onto the carpet in front of me. I didn't even have to have a close look because I could see what it was from standing. It had it's distinctive markings on it. I knew exactly what it was. A Redback Spider! "Redbacks are considered one of the most dangerous spiders in Australia. The Redback spider has a neurotoxic venom which is toxic to humans with bites causing severe pain." Holy shit! I ran into the bathroom to check out if it had actually bit me, using a hand held mirror to check out my bum crack, yes my bum crack! There was a bite alright and the pain was getting worse. I called my sister and told her just in case something happened to me so she was here for Boo. Then I called the ambulance. Could it have bitten me in an anymore uncomfortable area?? I was told by the 000 service to stay calm and very still and to put an icepack on the puncture site. It wasn't until she told be to stay calm that I started to feel anxious. She also said if I had any trouble swallowing or breathing to call them back if the ambo hadn't arrived. The venom is a slow moving one so as long as you stay still it will travel slowly. After about 15 minutes I started to get strong pain in my groin lymp node. The lymph node was fighting the toxins. My sister arrived before the ambulance. When the Ambo came he took my obs and did an ECG and all was fine. He also had to check out my bum crack, the poor guy. He told me about RB bites and what to expect, apparently the site can become an abscess.   I really hope it doesn't it would so bloody uncomfortable it's sore enough as it is. So apart from the actual bite being quite painful, the very sore lymph node, some nausea and a headache. I was fine, I still am and the nausea has subsided. He gave me an antihistamine and some painkillers an monitored me for about hour. He asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital or I could stay at home and see my GP in the afternoon to check the bite and to monitor my symptoms. I decided to stay home with Boo and my sister stayed with me too. So I survived a Redback Spider bite, well technically I have to monitor my symptoms for 24hours so if I make it till the morning then I have survived a RB bite.  I am pretty sure I will be here in the morning.

So how did the spider get in my undies you ask?
Well the only way I can think of is on the clothes horse. It's been raining so I have put the washing on the clothes horse under the carport. When it's windy sometimes the clothes horse blows over with all my clean clothes, so I tend to prop it up against the BBQ to give it a bit of stability. I noticed some webs on the side of BBQ cover, so it came from BBQ to clothes horse to my undies (oh by the way my undies where black so I had no hope in hell of seeing the bugger!)

She is a huge one too even my GP and the Ambo thought so, they had never seen one that big. I have it in a jar as souvenir, no actually I need to hold onto it case I do get any other symptoms. But I might hold onto it for a while for show and know.
I really need to watch Boo chasing bugs around the house, although RB's don't tend to come inside they can travel by other means like underpants!

That is why Australia is the lucky country because we have the most venomous everything, no seriously it is the lucky country.

I think I have become undiephobic I will never be able to wear underpants again! Just kidding...I think.
Ouch! my bum hurts and I still really need a haircut!


Miss Ruby said...

LOL not good Vee but now you have a story to tell!

Even though they are venomous, most people aren't affected by Redback bites beyond what you suffered.

I've been called a "spider lover" because I don't kill spiders around our house. I'm not a lover but as long as they don't bother me, I don't bother them. We have several Redbacks around the house bigger than the one that sunk her teeth in your arse, they do their thing, we do ours!

Bet ya check ya undies before putting them on tomorrow!!

Hope you start to feel better tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Vee, since I saw your FB post I cannot stop thinking about that spider. EEEEEEEK. I hope you were able to reschedule your hair appointment... and here's hoping you don't get any more symptoms.


I'm just saying.

lparsons15 said...

YIKES! oh my goodness, what a nightmare! Hope you are ok from that!

Delenn said...

Good gosh woman! What a scary and painful incident! I am very glad to hear that you are doing alright. I have no idea if I would have been as calm as you were. I hope your bum feels better soon!

MFA Mama said...


Note to self: NEVER visit Australia!

Lut C. said...

You tell it funny, but it's actually quite scary!
Hope the symptoms disappear soon.

Bea said...

I caught wind of that on fb last night, didn't get around to commenting as I noticed you had updated to say all was under control. Phew! I guess you're *really* going to need a relaxing visit to the salon after that.


maytey said...

LOL Vee, you are hilarious :) Glad you're ok.
MFA Mama, I used to think like you. I grew up in NZ which is so close, but was terrified of going there. And now I've been living here for 16 years! Never been bitten, though have seen lots of big scary (but harmless) ones. It's not as bad as you think it might be :)
Vee, I hope you don't have to resort to going doubt you will be shaking everything you take off the line now, like I do because I am paranoid about spiders!

SLJ said...

Now if you'd said it was on the toilet (Can laugh about it now I know you are ok.)

It is scarey to think you just never know where the little buggers will turn up. At least you can generally see the bigger nasty ones.

We have been teaching the boys that most spiders won't hurt them if they leave them alone, but get Mummy or daddy if the spider has a stripe or a white backside. Redbacks are always a concern at our place specially with little boys who like exploring.
Our next big 'challenge' is snake season. Ah the joys of living in country australia! lol

Take care and hoope yiou finally get your hair done!

OHN said...

You need to put it in a frame and hang it proudly :)

foxy said...

Oh My Gawd! That makes my stomach turn over! Eghhhhh. I would have been FREAKING out. The Emergency people make it sounds so easy to stay calm, I would have gone into straight panic!

When we were little we lived in the desert where there were black widows. My dad used to always tell us that spider bites killed people. If we saw a spider we were under strict orders to run and tell an adult. The spiders were all over, inside and out. We had to throw our shoes down and wait for any buggers to crawl out before we put them on, we weren't allowed in closets or sheds or the like. I developed the worst fear of spiders! It was much later in life when I realized that black widows were not so poisonous to an adult, but because we were so tiny my dad's fear wasn't unfounded.

I am glad to hear that you are going to be okay! What a story though! I'll be shaking my panties from now on!!!

jill said...

Haha! You are too funny and HOLY CRAP! I can't believe that happened to you. So very glad you are ok!

I'm so curious - how big was the spider? Hard to tell from the photo :)

Nearlydawn said...

Dude, NOW I have the urge to go checking my undies before I put them on EVER again. Thanks!!

I was stung by a scorpion, in bed, while asleep... The Damn thing was IN MY BED! It took a while to get over, but I finally did. Kinda.

This kinda event is full of suckage for a while afterwards. Hopefully you'll have no long-term ill effects.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I am over here screaming, SCREAMING, for you. Oh my G-d, it wouldn't have been the spider bite that would have hurt me, it would have been the heart attack :-) You are the bravest woman I know in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better babe! I saw my first redback when I was vacumming a few months ago. I've been paranoid ever since!
Perhaps a stock up of new 'white' undies is in order LOL

Lisa Marsh said...

I thought that I had the most ridiculously awful, painful and only-funny-afterwards story about a critter in my pants, which was a wasp that flew up my jeans leg and started stinging me in panic... the bite was 14 inches X 7inches in the end. Still, I didn't need to phone an ambulance (just the GP) or be worried about venom, so you definitely win! Thank Gd you are okay, and now you have a story to dine out on for the next few years. That redback spider doesn't know its own fame, blogged round the world via ICLW.

Your writing about Max and what you didn't get to do together brought a lump up in my throat that hasn't yet gone away. I'm so sorry that you and Boo lost such a special husband and father, and that he isn't here to share your lives. Don't beat up on yourself for doing what seemed right at the moment, on the day. We don't have crystal balls, and can just do our best. Max had your love, which shines out of your writing to a stranger like me,so he must have known it for what it was.

Lisa (ICLW #30 Your Great Life)