Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Thanks for all your wonderful comments in my last post. I get moments that I do wish I had done things differently. Different things trigger these moments for eg today I drove past the Putt Putt golf course I drive past it quite often as it is only up the road but today I remembered that Max had been wanting to go for ages, by the time we got around to it he could no longer stand for long periods of time so it was pointless even attempting it. It was one of his wishes we never got to make come true. But I do have to remember all the ones we did manage to make come true and there were many.

This was just one of his wishes.
I suppose we all have something to learn from this and that is to not put things off. If you really want to do something then just do it. Today as another storm was about to roll in, I stood outside and I thought to myself one of these days I am going to take Bubbaboo out and dance in the rain and I will. ( just as long as there is no lightening of course)


Bea said...

Did you dance?

Because it's good advice.


serenity said...

Oh, Vee. What great advice. Thank you.


lparsons15 said...

That sure is good advice..I do tend to put things off..I need to stop! Thanks Vee!

Lut C. said...

Hard to live by, but indeed a good creed.

ecb said...

Wisdom, Vee. Very good. Something else I have been trying to tell myself since we lost my grandfather late last year (I am still very sad) is that sometimes you just can't do everything and be everywhere and that's okay (my sister and I had a date to visit with him a couple of days after he died. It was the first time my girls were coming to his house and my sister had just moved home from Scotland with her family a week earlier so was her first real chance to spend time with him other than the few mins at the airport when she arrived) even if it is really hard to deal with in hindsight. Procrastination is one thing and it's good for us to just get out and do some things rather than talking about them but other times, it's just life.

DaisyGal said...

"I Hope You Dance" ...always. :)

Love you....xoxo