Monday, November 15, 2010

Some Moments

I thought I would share a couple of my new favorite photos.

Two of the most precious people in my life sharing a moment. My Mum and Boo checking out my Dads budgies.
I love that Boo is so curious, although it does get him into trouble at times. He loves playing with the garden hose. Look at that muddy bum (from bum shuffling) and those chubby chomps.
Today he chased a Christmas beetle around in his room, close to catching it. Until I picked it up and took it outside. I am sure he would attempt to eat it next!


Miss Ruby said...

Gorgeous photos Vee! Boo's chubby thighs - just love em, makes you just want to reach out and grab em!!


DaisyGal said...

oh Vee, those pictures are perfect, I got a lump in my throat just looking at them....the one of your mom and, what a memory that will give you one day huh?

love them, and you xox

Calliope said...

I LOVE the matching stripes in the 1st photo!

Bea said...

No doubt he would!

It's so great (although also a lot of hard work, I imagine) that he's so curious. His potential starting to unfold!


SLJ said...

Great photos.
Get used to muddy, dirty clothes......fact of life with little boys! My machine is used to dirt and sand now. lol