Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Thing Called Parenting

Apart from the Spider bite, which I survived by the way, I have had a good week. The best week I have had in a long time. I met up with lots of friends with their little ones. I love seeing Boo interact with other children, he so social. The weather is warming up so we are doing lots of outdoor activities which he loves. He makes me laugh every day, I can see his little sense of humour coming out which I love. Even though he still isn't saying much he certainly understands a lot. He has become more vocal and trying to communicate even though I can't make sense of the words. He is getting lots of bumps and bruises from falls as he becomes more adventurous and standing up and cruising any piece of furniture he can. He has just decided that crawling is better than bum shuffling, he has never crawled. If he crawls he can get up steps which is great if he knew how to get back down!

He loves when I play with him and I make sure that we get plenty of play time together every day, which includes drawing, painting and reading. He is also playing well on his own now although usually is getting up to some mischief when I don't hear him for more than 5 minutes. He gives me loads and loads of kisses even when I don't ask for any. Those kisses just make my day.

I think I am getting the hang of this parenting thing, I wasn't sure at first, it was all a bit daunting to think I had to do it all on my own but I am coping and I even think I am doing an ok job of it too. But having said that I am feeling I do need some time out from time to time. Boo is becoming a handful the more mobile he is becoming and I rarely get long periods of time to myself, actually I rarely get any time to myself, just to do those things I need or want to do, like get a haircut or catch a movie. My sister is around but she is busy with her business and she is already doing a lot of running around for my Mum and Dad, so I don't like to ask her very often. I have decided to put Boo on the Family Day Care list for one day a week next year. Just to give me a break and give Boo more interaction with little ones which he loves. So I think it will be good for both of us.

I took Boo to the clinic yesterday, and 4 days short of being 15 months he weighs 12.7kgs and is 81cm tall. Max would be so proud of his Boo and I think he would be pretty chuffed with me too. I just wish he was here to enjoy it all too.


jill said...

Every time you say "bum shuffling" I chuckle to myself :) I bet it is so cute to watch!

Day care one day a week sounds like it could be a great thing for you both!

maytey said...

You should definitely feel very proud of the job you're doing, Vee. I'm sure the Family Day Care will be just what you both need. xx

SLJ said...

You're doing a great job, unfortunately there is no manual to make it easier!
Haydn did one day a week family day care from when he was around two, and Mason has just started doing a half day a week. They love/d it, interacting with different people, different places, toys etc. It did them the world of good and gave Tony a break. Boo will love it, and so will you!

Gil said...

Oh I think that he'll have lots of fun at daycare and being as social as he is, he'll get lots of interaction with the other children. And yes, it'll be superb for you too honey. I haven't gone to see a movie since I was about 6 or 7 months pregnant, so I definitely understand!

Lut C. said...

It is daunting, and no matter how wonderful it is, it is also necessary to recharge your batteries from time to time and have some room for yourself.
Linnea was happy in day care, watching those other kids was so interesting.

~Jess said...

I hate spider bites! They more mobile and independent they get, it seems the more time you have to spend watching them every second. It would be good for you to have a bit of time to yourself; keep your sanity.

Happy ICLW

ecb said...

Social little creature that he is, he will LOVE day care. Lots of cool toys and other kids to play with. You will also enjoy the break. Sheesh, even just having a day where you don't have to think of what to feed him all day. Nice. You're doing a wonderful job!

DaisyGal said...

I love hearing about him....what a fantastic little boy.
I think one day (or two....) would be great for both of you, I hate to tell you how much I love coming to work and dropping them at DC sometimes...but it keeps me sane.

you are an amazing woman, MOM , and all around special person. I'm glad that you are seeing that in yourself too.


Anonymous said...

Hello from ICLW :)

It sounds like you are doing a great job at parenting! Your blog is beautiful and inspiring[the posts you write, I mean, though the layout is very pretty, too].

Nothing wrong with needing a bit of a break though. In fact, I found out years ago it makes us better mothers :)

Bea said...

Been away, catching up! Must say I was a bit nervous about the spider bite, until I went and stalked you on FB ;) and found out you were still updating.

Glad you feel you're doing ok at the parenting. I think you are ahead of me on that front - it took me a lot longer to settle in - and that wasn't on my own. Still, a day off sounds like a good idea.