Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Jacaranda

Me: Did you see that the Jacarandas are out?
Max: Yeah, they are everywhere, they are beautiful aren't they?
Me: They are so messy.
Max: They're not messy.
Me: Yes they are they drop all their purple flowers everywhere and make a huge mess.
Max: But that is part of their beauty, the carpet of purple they leave on the ground.
Me: Yeah but they are no fun when you park under one and your car has a blanket of purple on it.
Max: Just don't park near one.
Me: I am not saying they are not beautiful, they are. I love them, they are just messy.
Max: Oh you are such a clean freak, it's nature.
Me: No I am not..... Ok they are beautifully messy. (smirking)
Max: Shakes his head and sighs.

It's that time of the year again, where the Jacarandas are everywhere around Sydney. Every suburban street has a least one tree. If you stand on a hill you will see spots of purple everywhere from these huge trees. They remind me of Max. We had similar conversations every year when the Jacarandas where out.
I am really feeling Max around me with all the Jacarandas and I am thinking of him a lot. I was going to take a branch to him, so he could enjoy the Jacaranda but there was no trees I could access unless I was trespassing near my home. Yesterday Boo and I went to visit him I wanted to play him that song. As we drove there, I told Boo that we were going to see Daddy. He started blowing kisses, he made me cry. He has only just started to blow kisses, it just amazes me that he knows when it is appropriate. As I drove through the front gates of the cemetery I just smiled as I saw two huge Jacaranda trees canopying the driveway. I had never noticed them before. Max has his Jacarandas close by, he is enjoying them.


Bea said...

I'm so glad Max has his Jacarandas nearby. They are one of my favourite trees, even if they are "messy" (I agree 100% with Max on this one) and even if they do mean that finals are around the corner and you're going to fail if a) you haven't already started studying (I never had) and b) a flower drops on your head (don't study under them, no matter how inviting, and you're alright!).

Actually, I still get a little adrenalin kick when I see those first purple flowers, even though it's been ages since I left school. But I'm glad Max has his close by to enjoy.


Leah said...

Jacarandas are special to me too, I will also think of your lovely family when I see them now :)

Miss Ruby said...

I love Jacarandas and we recently put one in our front garden, a small one that we will *hopefully* be able to see grow into a big one.

I love trees that lose flowers/leaves - I just love the "mess" they leave behind!!

I'm glad Max has some close by and I'm also glad that by looking at a Jacaranda you feel closer to him..


Princess Jo said...

Jacarandas are very special trees indeed - they are one of my favourites, right up there with gardenias :-)

Kristin said...

Boo's kisses and finding Jacarandas near Max are such sweet moments.

cas said...

Boo has a huge heart, like him mummy, i also love that Max has his Jacarandas near him. xx

ecb said...

Boo blowing kisses is simply divine. And don't you just love with when you find life's little surprise gifts like the jacaranda trees at the cemetary?!

maytey said...

For Max :)