Sunday, November 28, 2010


I thought I would give ICLW a go, I don't recall participating before and now I know I why. I suck. I do admit I probably chose one of my busiest weeks and when I had a moment I usually just skimmed through posts with little time to gather any thoughts about what I had just read therefore not leaving a comment. I did leave some comments but I am sure I didn't reach my quota, I didn't actually count.
So I would like to apologize to all the ICLW participants for not doing my part..


My Mums procedure has been postponed apparently the hospital is packed to the rafters and they also have a few lung transplant patients. So no go. No alternative date has been scheduled yet. Maybe it's a sign?

Boo's helmet is currently being produced, we should hear back this week.


Bea said...

Hope your mum is feeling ok about things. And you, too.

Can't wait to see the helmet!

I'm sure ICLW was happy to have you, even if you did feel like you didn't achieve as many comments as you'd hoped!


alicia said...

argh! I just figured out the tweet, tweet, tweets thing is how you leave comments!! i thought it was for twitter and I am not a twitter person so I couldn't figure out how to leave you comments. I just decided to click on it and see what happened and TADA! sorry I haven't been saying much haha! I used to do ICLW on my old blog every month, it was insane. So I get it, I really get how hard it is!

Kelly said...

I hope that things get taken care of for your mum soon.

Stopping by from ICLW. And no worries...sometimes life gets the best of us when it comes time to commenting.

foxy said...

I like to think of ICLW as more of an intent at community building than a real commitment to achieving a minimum number of comments. I give myself permission to stretch my comments out over the entire month, and usually find a new blog or two that strikes my interest in the process - sometimes only by following comments that are left for me back to the commenters blog.