Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting Inked Again Part 2

My Mum was a craftswoman, she knitted, she crocheted she stitched she embroided she did it all and all really well. Bea can vouch for that she owns one of her beautiful baby blankets.
My Mum would would never sit and have still hands, she couldn't, she didn't know how to be still she would always be making something or working on some project. That was her pass time, her therapy.
She learned from her mother and her mother learned from her it was passed on over the years. It wasn't passed onto me I was never interested or any good at it when I did try but it was passed on to my sister and now her daughter.

She has piles and piles of drawings she would copy from something she would see. If she saw a design she liked she would go home get her pencil and tracing paper out and try and remember it so she could use it on her next artwork.
I have a cupboard full of her handy work. Sheets, Blankets baby blankets, cot blankets, lap blankets baby sheets, cots sheets, table clothes, tea towels bed socks lots and lots of them and so does every person in my family, she never stopped. They are all beautiful and something we will all cherish for ever and pass on to our loved ones.

So that is why I chose one her many designs as my tattoo. Here it is from my Mums original drawing to my Tattoo.

In Memory of my beautiful Mother who lost her life after a long battle with cancer.
She will never ever be forgotten. RIP


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting Inked Again Part 1

When I got my first tattoo done after Max passed away, I didn't tell my Mum I just waited until she noticed it. When she saw it she asked what that was on my leg, so I showed her and explained what it meant. She didn't comment but I knew she wasn't impressed, she never liked tattoos and had the old fashioned mind set that only criminals and bad people had tattoos. When I saw her a week later, she asked "so when are you going to wash that thing off your leg?" I looked at her like Uh?? She repeated "when are you going to wash that thing off your leg?". I just laughed and said Mum it's a tattoo I can't wash it off. She had this shocked and really disappointed look on her face and said "the older you are getting the crazier you are becoming" I laughed again. She thought it was stick on tattoo. She got over it.

So what I am going to do today I know she wont approve of, if she is watching from above, she would be saying you have totally gone nuts. It's an idea I have had for a while. I am doing it for me. To mark her one year anniversary (yes it's been a year already since she passed away. I can't believe it either.) I am getting a new tattoo. Yep in about an hours time. I wont tell you what it is yet but I will be back with photos.

I am pretty excited.