Friday, July 2, 2010

Bubbaboo And My Mum. * With Update.

I thought I would update on Bubbaboo and other things going on around here. At 10 months he has 7 teeth and weighs 10.8kg and he is 74cm long. He is growing so very quickly. Yesterday we went to the park and he learnt to catch and throw a ball, clever boy.

He has been sick though, he caught my cold and has been really off the last couple of weeks. The last few days he has been totally off his solids lucky I can get him to take his bottles so manage to keep his fluids up. I am not sure if it's a combo of the cold and his teething. I am going to take him to the GP today just to rule out any throat of ear infection, because he loves his food and it is really unusual for him to reject it. He has been wanting lots and lots of cuddles of a night. He isn't too bad of a day but at night he just wants to sleep in my arms and as soon as I put him down he screams. So I am not getting much sleep either.

Last night whilst I was caressing his head I felt two little lumps at the back of his head. All I could think of were Max's cancer lumps, I felt sick to the stomach. I prayed and cried that they are nothing to be concerned of I couldn't bare it if there was something wrong with him. I will be showing the GP today, I can't stop worrying about them.

I can't remember if I have ever mentioned on my blog about Bubbaboos Plagiocephaly (flat head). It's pretty bad, I have had it looked at many times and the Paed thought it would right itself by now but at 10 months it hasn't. We have done the physio and the cranial osteo but nothing has helped it. I am concerned that it will affect his development.  So he is booked in at the Cranialfacial clinic in a couple of weeks and we will take it from there.

My Mum is in hospital with pneumonia she hadn't been feeling well at all but my Mum being my Mum she always pushes herself to her limits. She will not let her cancer get the better of her. Max's death has hit her hard too, she realises how fortunate she has been to be fighting her cancer for over 13 years. She had a procedure done yesterday to have her stent cleaned out she isn't feeling the best today. I hope to visit her over the weekend, we have had to keep away because we didn't want her to catch our bugs. I am really over Dr's and hospitals.

I have been really struggling emotionally, I am missing Max more and more each day.

* Update
MrsSpock and MFAMama you are most likely right about the lumps although the GP couldn't feel them. I could definitely feel them last night! But she said that they were most likely lymph nodes due to his cold. Phew! And as for everything else it is just his cold virus and teething that he has to battle out. My poor boy.


annacyclopedia said...

Oh, Vee, it must have been so scary to find those bumps! I hope the dr can just tell you right away that there is no need to worry so you don't have to be left wondering. You have more than enough on your plate these days.

As always, my thoughts are with you and your family. Hope everyone feels better soon and you can get back to playing ball with Bubaboo.

MrsSpock said...

They are probably lymph nodes from his cold. My son gets a head full of swollen lymph nodes with every little cold. My mother tells me I used to do the same thing.

lparsons15 said...

I can't imagine what you must have felt when you found those lumps..I hope all gets easier for you. Stay Strong.

MFA Mama said...

Another vote here for lymph nodes due to the cold! My oldest got these for the first time while we were waiting to see a neurosurgeon due to concerns over the size of the kid's head (very big, but not in a way that needed medical attention, just a big head it turned out) and I freaked out entirely. Certainly show them to the doctor to be sure and so you can have some reassurance, but I'm betting that's what they are!

Bea said...

I'm glad the lumps turned out to be nothing - I can just imagine your heart going cold! Good luck at the clinic in a couple of weeks.

I'm not surprised that at this stage you are missing Max more and more. I can only wish you strength through this tough period.