Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Little Bubbaboo

My little Bubbaboo is the reason I get out of bed of a morning. Even if it is way too early! I love him so much, he just makes me heart melt. Even though he has been sick and grumpy and very usettled with teething and a stuffy nose and not sleeping much of a night and at the moment fighting his day sleep too, I still love him. Even though lack of his sleep means lack of my sleep which makes me tired which makes me grumpy.

He is such a little character, he is really cheeky and has hundreds of expressions. He really tries to get away with things now and most of the time wins but I am working hard to no longer be defeated because this is where it starts if he thinks he has control of things now he will think he always has control! Ah ah!

He makes me laugh every day, he laughs and giggles all the time and is so happy, that is when he isn't sick or miserable with his teeth. He loves going out and he loves the outdoors. We can sit in the back yard for ages and he will just sit and listen and watch the birds, he loves them. He loves getting in the car, as it means we are going on an adventure even if it is to the post office. He does the stiff body thing when I have to put him back in the car which usually means we are going back home, so he tries to fight it.

He loves to play with is toys and listen to music and sing along. He isn't singing the words but he is singing in his lingo. He just makes me laugh listening to him. He doesn't say much no matter how many times I repeat Mamma, Duck and Ball, he just wont say it. His favourite word is Dadda dadda, which always breaks my hear but I don't think he really knows what it means. But he is a chatterbox and chatters away all day in baby lingo. He is really not interested in crawling or walking. He stands for a short period then plonks himself on his bum because it's too hard.

He loves eating grass and playing in the dirt.

This morning whilst Bubbaboo had a very short sleep I was going through some files on my computer and found Max's Tribute DVD we played at his funeral. I hadn't watched it for over a month, so started to watch it and was getting emotional. Half way through it Bubbaboo woke up, so I went to get him, he always loves cuddles when he wakes and I love cuddling him. So I sat on the couch and gave him a cuddle and my tears started flowing and before I knew it I was sobbing with him in my arms. He just looked at me at first and laughed, then he noticed I didn't laugh and watched me cry then he put his hand to my face and wiped my tears. He is never gentle he is a a little rough guts, so this surprised me. Then he stared at the photo that was right behind my head on the mantle, a photo of him and his Daddy, then back at me then back at the photo, it's like he knew why I was upset. I told him that that was him with his Daddy and his Daddy loved him very much. Then he twisted his little body whilst still sitting on my lap, to stare at the other photo frame across the room, a photo of Max and I. Then looked back at the frame of him and his Daddy again. I wondered whether he was wondering where his Daddy was. And all this just made me sob even more. Then as I gave him a tighter cuddle, he pulled away and he whacked me in the face with his hand, I kid you not. Cheeky thing! That was more like him, my rough guts. I love him so much.

Discovering corn on the cob for the first time.


Anonymous said...

I love his podgy hands...they are so edible. Thank goodness for the unlimited love of little babies. Drink it up Vee and don't be afraid to lean on him when you really need that extra strength.
Love u

maytey said...

That's so touching Vee. xxx

Bea said...

A couple of great pics.

I do wonder what they understand at that age. He was obviously having thoughts of some kind, looking at you and at the pictures like that. I guess he'll come to deeper understandings of the situation as time goes by - for decades, no less, to come.

I'm glad he makes you smile. Although I also hope he lets you sleep a bit more soon.


Delenn said...

Wonderful pictures. Beautiful post.

jill said...

Aww I love those pictures.

DaisyGal said...

Oh Vee, my heart just breaks and breaks..but what a wise little soul you have in your life....he might be rough, but he's going to comfort your heart.

loved the you

janice said...

Your little guy is beautiful, and will always be your reason to get up in the morning. I am a single mother - never faced a loss like yours, we just parted while I was pregnant. BUT, my girl is my reason for living and she is now 17 and moving away for uni and I have never been more proud, (and sad). We did it - my village and I raised a wonderful human being. You will too. So much love.

cas said...

What a handsome little man. God bless him for wiping away your tears, im sure he will know more than you will ever know. Max loves his little fellow! hugs x

Jane said...

I am so glad you have him ! x

loribeth said...

Adorable hands. : )