Wednesday, July 21, 2010

His Ring

I thought I would share a picture of what I wear around my neck these days.

The three disc necklace was given to me when Bugaboo was born by a girlfriend, they are silver and have our names hand stamped on each one. (I have partially blurred them for anonymity.) But I love, LOVE this necklace and have not taken it off since I got it and intend to never take it off if I have choice, it means so much to me and even more so now that Max has gone. It represents us and our family. Lucky all three of us have short names and managed to fit them on the discs. I get comments and compliments on it all the time.

The other necklace is Max's and has his wedding ring hanging off it. Once Max started loosing heaps of weight his ring no longer fit his finger and he insisted he wanted to buy a chain and wear it around his neck because he would hate to lose it. It took ages to find a necklace that he liked and wasn't too girly. When we went shopping for it, it was the first time he had hired a mobility scooter at the shopping centre because walking had become so difficult for him. He was very amused scooting around on his new wheels.
After he broke his humerus bone and had a to wear a sling, wearing the necklace was annoying him. So he took it off and gave it to me to wear. It's another thing I will never take off, it means too much to me and I love wearing it. I don't really care that they don't go together or they may not suit what I am wearing etc. Yesterday when I was in the cemetery office there was a wooden cabinet that had gorgeous silver necklaces in it, I fell in love one just like this first one. It is a cremation necklace where you put some ash of your loved one and wear it around your neck. I did seriously contemplate getting one for about 10 seconds  and then I thought I couldn't possibly wear another necklace around my neck. I had never heard of these before. I suppose it could be a bit creepy for some but not to the individual. A bit like Angelina Jolie who wore a vial of Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck. To me the necklaces that I am wearing are like tattoos, permanent.

Speaking of tattoos, I have been thinking a lot about getting mine done soon. I might go and have chat to a tattoo artist tomorrow, we will see what happens.


Miss Ruby said...


What kind of tatt are you wanting to get? I got a tatt on my inner forearm the week after Dad passed, it is very simple. It's a Daffodil (the Cancer Council one to be precise) with the word Dad written below it. I look at it everyday.

I hope you find a design that you love if you do decide to get one done.


DaisyGal said...

those necklaces are beautiful...and such a gorgeous reminder of Max and a wonderful way to have your family near your heart all the time.
Just looking at the pic made me tear up.

I think I told you that my dad was creamated and my mom gave each of us (me and my sis and brother) a little of his ashes...I sprinkled them on ocean sands of every trip we go on...but when we're not traveling , he sits in a glass heart in my bedroom, where I can feel him and have him near me .


jill said...

I actually really like that first cremation necklace. Could you combine it with the ring perhaps or with the little disks?

I think your necklaces are beautiful and go together very well :)

I'm used to seeing rings on chains because both my sisters have worn my dad's rings (his 2nd wedding ring and his 25th anniversary ring) since he died 9 years ago. I have his 1st wedding ring but it is multiple bands fused together and one band is broken. I never started wearing it (which I've always been sad about) because I was afraid it would get caught on something and break further.

Can't wait to hear more about your future tattoo!

Bea said...

What a beautiful and very meaningful combination of jewellery. And good luck with the tattoo artist - I am still thinking of getting mine some day, too. I would be very excited to see you get yours done.


Princess Jo said...

I find mobility scooters amusing too: I have to use them when my back is bad, or my energy is low, and I am not going to be able to make it around the shopping centre! My husband calls them my zoomers!

That being said, when I do use them, I have noticed how unfriendly the shops are for mobility devices: and it can be quite difficult to move around in them! There is a subtle change with how you are treated too: and it isn't for the good always either.

I love the necklaces :-)


foxy said...

You have two very beautiful necklaces. They really are. Simple on first glance maybe, yet one can immediately see that there is deep meaning beyond their metal. I've always been amazed by how much emotional power a physical item can have. I want to say that you are lucky to have so much power and love encircling you and at home close to your heart, but I don't want it to sound wrong. I hope that makes sense.

lparsons15 said...

Really nice necklaces.

Melissa said...

Your necklaces are perfect.

My girlfriend (who lost her son to leukeamia, her mother to breast cancer than her husband to the same leukamia that took her son) had one of those 'cremation' necklaces. It's beautiful, and if you didn't know her well, you'd never know what it contained (I think she also had a lock of hair).