Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Like That.

My Mum is getting much needed rest and seems comfortable in the palliative care hospital. They are looking after her well. She did have a scare the other night when she was taking her antibiotics through the nebuliser, the same antibiotic she has taken for almost six years. My nephew was there visiting and all of a sudden she threw off her mask and tried to yell that she couldn't breath. Her throat was starting to swell up and close. My nephew called the nurses and they managed to settle her, but they had no answers as to why all of a sudden she had this reaction. My nephew knows how horrible it feels because he has the same reaction to strawberries. Scary. It hasn't happened again thankfully.

I have gone to visit her every day. On Friday I picked my sister in law up on the way to see her. We had only been there a few minutes when my sister in laws mobile rang. She was sobbing. Her mother had just told her they have found a cancer on her fathers lung. Fuck. Nobody goes untouched. Cancer is bloody everywhere these days.

Today I watched my Mum follow the nurse into the bathroom for a shower, shuffling and bent over with her walking frame. Having conversations with her has changed, she has become forgetful and confused, I am sure that is the medication. Where did my Supermum go? Just like that. Cancer takes over. Even after watching Max go through it it still surprises me as to how things can change so quickly.

I have been trying to give her some things to look forward to. Like Boos 2nd birthday in a couple of weeks. Can you believe that? I told her if she felt like getting out for a day, then she should come over and see our new home. She is looking forward to that. She had only seen it when it was empty. I so hope she makes it.

Boo trying out anything that has wheels. He always makes my Mum smile.


maytey said...

Words fail me Vee. But am heartened to hear you sounding so positive. Letting go must be so hard. Thoughts are with you and your beautiful Mum. xxx

Gil said...

There's a huge lump in my throat. But I have faith that your mum will be able to celebrate Boo's birthday with you in your new place. Please God, she will have that day to enjoy herself, and your sweet little Boo. He deserves to have his Nonna for as long as he can. Hugs to all sweetheart. Lord I wish I was closer.

Cibele said...

I wish I had the right words to confort you. HUGS!

Bea said...

Blogger ate my comment the other day and I am only just getting around to posting this. What I said wasn't really all that important so I won't try to reconstruct it. I really just wanted to say something to let you know I've been reading and thinking about you and your family.


Lut C. said...

I hope she makes it to his birthday party too.