Friday, August 26, 2011

Mish Mash

I have so much to say. So much has happened the last couple of days, with my Mums viewing, visiting her home, then her funeral yesterday and today it's my gorgeous Boo's 2nd birthday. My head is spinning my emotions are everywhere. I will come back once I can sort things out in this head of mine.

Thank you all for you kind words. xx


Melissa said...

Have been thinking of you. Will continue to. Here, when you're ready to write it all out. In the meantime, sappy, naff internet hugs to you. Suck it up and have one. I'm a hugger. Deal with it.


foxy said...

Sweet Boo's Second Birthday! Congratulations again on your beautiful son.

You've had a really big week. Take all the time you need to sort things out, and feel all of the emotions of so many huge life events.

But do please give your beautiful boy a big kiss and hug from all of us out here.


Serenity said...

Love you, sweetie. We're here whenever you're done spinning.

Big sweet hug from us to Boo today. Happy Birthday, kiddo!


lparsons15 said...

Been thinking of you...
Happy Birthday Boo!

Bea said...

Lots to go through. As and when you're ready to talk.


stink-bomb said...

you've been in my thoughts Vee. i hope Boo had as lovely a birthday as he could.

sending you love, as you take one day at a time.


Princess Jo said...

Thinking of you

Lut C. said...

That IS a whole lot to take in all at once. I'm thinking of you.