Sunday, August 7, 2011

This Is What happened Acrossed the Sea.

Wow! Just Wow! Does this girl rock!!??

Just like I wrote in your comment Eden
"Thank you for never allowing Alex to be forgotten, to share your story and his artwork across the world. He would be just blown away. You keep rock'n girl.

Thank you to all your readers and bloggers for your support. Much love to you all x

Alex was here."

And always will be.

I had gone to bed and thought I would check out twitter on my phone before I shut my eyes and there was Edens post. So I got up and checked it out properly on my computer. I had to, she stayed up till 5.30am to get it written for me. For me! And I cried. It was just wonderful to see her up on that podium and being so beautiful and funny as she is and watching all those images behind her and listening to her speak in front of ALL those people. I did wonder if the Americans understood what she was saying with her thick Aussie accent. But there were also tears in the house, so I imagine they did.

My heart is all big and puffy.
I love you Sisterman!


stink-bomb said...

your heart SHOULD be all big and puffy. while what Eden did was big, huge and oh so loving - what you did by allowing her to tell Alex's story is also pretty major.

her speech rocked and i'm SOOOO glad that so many more people now know about Alex.


Bea said...

I love it! I loved her embellishments, too. What a great speech.


Magpie said...

she was wonderful. it was a great post, and a great read, and a horrible sad reason for doing such great subversive work.