Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I need to know.

Today I got a call from the IVF counsellor at my clinic. I missed the call, she left a message to call back and I did but she had gone for the day. Now I am busting to know what she wants to tell me. She looks after the donor side of the clinic.
All these thoughts are going through my head.
Does Boo's donor want to know about him.
Does his donor want to meet.
Do parents of any donor siblings want to meet Boo?
Do other donor siblings have some sickness that she is going to make me aware of?

Argh tomorrow morning can't come soon enough so I can try and call her again and find out what it is.
Wish us luck!


Boo starts his first day at Family Day Care tomorrow. I am going to give him a short day. He is still on two sleeps a day, so I will take him in after his morning sleep and see how he goes. Whilst we were away he was awfully clingy, I couldn't even leave the room to pee. He has never been like that. I think it may have just been his new surroundings and being away from home His routine was off a bit whilst holidaying too. He knows his carer and has been to her home numerous times he has also met the other kids before. Fingers crossed he will be ok. I am going to miss him that is for sure.

I am going to write a list of all the things I am going to do whilst he is in Day Care one day a week. Things I haven't been able to do whilst he is about and hanging at my heals.


I know I am a bit late but it was National Delurking Week last week (4th Jan- 9th Jan) I was away so missed it. I would love for all you wonderful peeps to pop in and say hi so I know you are here.


Bea said...

Hm... you've got me curious now, too. I will be waiting to hear what she wanted.

As for Bubbaboo - best of luck for tomorrow, little mate! It sounds like he's well prepped, though.


serenity said...

I'm curious too!

Best of luck with getting into the new routine. It's a bit of an adjustment, but I'll bet you he does fine. :)


Anonymous said...

I lurked on your old blog and now I lurk here:-)

jill said...

I am always here :)

Wishing you luck regarding what the IVF counsellor wants to tell you. Very curious.

A list sounds like a great idea. I think you should do something for yourself the first day - go get a massage or a manicure or something! hehe

PaleMother said...

Hi Vee!

It's me, the half-lurking, always reading and sending good thoughts Pale/Denise. Probably found you through Eden and Mel. Been around for a long while ... pre locked blog and back again.

Ack, the suspense over what the phone call is all about. Hate it when that happens.

And ACK over missing them when they aren't with you ... but WEEEEEE!!! you'll feel lighter and freer than air when you are getting things done or even just having a few minutes to yourself.


Betty M said...

Delurking. Came via Bea I'm sure.

DaisyGal said...

I will be waiting to hear what that call was all about. Hope it's news that is welcome.

The daycare will be good for him. Believe me and for you....it will be nice to have that time and he'll get that "Social Life" all of us need :)

as for the clingy, I think it's just the age group..they know that you might go away and they don't want that...mine at 3 don't let me shower, pee or do anything in another room LOL...but it does get better.

wishing both of you GOOD LUCK with all the new stuff.

Anonymous said...

I hope you got onto the clinic first thing!Don't you just hate those missed calls LOL

I hope Boo has a wonderful day at FDC today xo

loribeth said...

I'm here! Don't always comment, but I'm always reading. : )

maytey said...

Hope the news is good Vee.

Boo will be absolutely fine, I'm sure of it.

List is a great idea, and I agree about doing something relaxing for yourself on the first day. It's hard not to get too ambitious with plans. I have to remind myself not to aim to do too many things, or I just get disappointed. One or two things is perfect.

Kristin said...

Hope the contact from the IVF counselor is a non-event.

And, I hope Boo has a wonderful time tomorrow.