Thursday, January 20, 2011

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Busy, busy. Boo keeps me soooo busy. I do love it, I love doing things with him. He is my little Buddy. I love that he has become a little sponge and every day he shows me something knew he does. I love it when he has full conversations in baby lingo he sounds so darn cute.  He moves his little head like he is having a full on conversation, he is too funny. I must record it before he out grows out of it and has real grown up conversations. I love him more than anything but sometimes I would love to have a quiet moment and do something else like read Mels book Life from Scratch. I received it in the mail last week I have been trying to get some reading done at night but I am so tired I end up crashing out instead. Boos day sleeps are getting shorter so once I tidy up or grab myself a cuppa he is up and ready again. It might just have to be a slow read.

Yesterday Boo had his first full day at Day Care and he loved it, again.  The other children "look" after him because he is the baby. The others are 2.5 and 3 and very cute. He was exhausted when he got home.
My day went by so quickly, I ran some errands then did a bit of shopping. Treated myself to a sushi train lunch vacuumed and tidied the house and before I knew it it was time to pick up Boo. It was still very weird without him.


I tried calling the Clinic counselor this week, I needed some of my options in regards to what to do with my lone embryo clarified but she is on leave. So hopefully I will get onto her next week. I did request to know if Boo had any half siblings though. He does. There are two girls born to two families, one born in 2007 and the other in 2008. WOW! I didn't know that having that information would have blown me away the way it did. It did raise more curiosity of course. I wonder if they look anything like Boo or have any of his mannerism or personality. I wonder where they live, will Boo be playing with them in the playground and not even know. But I am ok now. I have kind of digested it all. I have decided that I am just going to put the info away until Boo is curious and starts raising questions. I don't think I could deal with anything more than that at the moment. I may change my mind but for now it has been put in a safe place.


Bea said...

Ha! I just sent you an email entitled "busy?" and the first words of this blog are... drumroll...

Anyway. I'm glad you're feeling more settled about the sibling info, and that does sound like a reasonable approach. Also glad you're following up with the counsellor, although kind of wish she was there now for you! Never mind, as long as you get onto her another week. Still wishing you luck with your tough decision.


Kristin said...

It sounds like Boo is going to thrive at Day Care. I am so glad.

Also, good luck figuring out what to do with your last embryo.

DaisyGal said...

I'm glad that Boo is enjoying DC and I'm hoping that th more he goes, the more that day off (or two) for you becomes a time to read (Mel's book was UBER GOOD) and rest if you need to, to have a thought in your head (I know how imp that is my friend)

as for finding out about the girl sibs..and the decisions about the last embryo..all I can give you is support in however you WANT to feel about this, day by day, little by's all going to be ok. Promise.


Miss Ruby said...

I'm SO glad to read that Boo is enjoying daycare and that YOU are managing some time to yourself - that will do you wonders.

Re the last embie - follow your heart, it's rarely wrong. And it's crazy but cool that Boo technically has siblings - amazing!!


Lut C. said...

My daughter loved daycare (most days), it was fun for her to be with other kids.

Lifeslurper said...


Those are two big steps - starting daycare and the news of (half) siblings.... Boo is happy at daycare and you have the sibling information filed away for a time when you are able or need to investigate further. It does sound like a safe place.

LS x