Wednesday, December 1, 2010


My Mum is going in for her procedure tomorrow. It's her birthday on Sunday I have booked a restaraunt to have a big family lunch to celebrate. Now I am not sure if she is going to be up to. We will wait and see....

Boo is getting his helmet fitted tomorrow too at a different hospital.
Fingerscrossed he copes with it well. I am worried about him getting used to sleeping with it on. We will wait and see....

I read a blog today of someone that is surviving LMS for 9 years. 9 years!! How I wish Max had 9 years, 7 more years than he had. He could have seen Boo grow into a beautiful boy and Boo would actually be old enough to remember how much his Daddy loved him and built some memories of him. We could have fulfilled a lot more of Max's dreams, our dreams. 9 years.

It's the first day of Summer here, it has been raining for almost a week and will continue to for the next week. They have forecast a very wet Summer boohoo!! I have so many plans, outdoor activities to do with Boo that I have been looking forward to. Not to mention the washing is piling up!

Boo had his photo taken with Santa today, I am hoping to make it a yearly tradition. A couple of weeks ago, I introduced Santa to Boo in the shopping centre. He cried and cried. Ever since then, we have visited Santa to get Boo acquainted and so he can watch the other kids get their pics taken. He did it, he sat on Santas lap although he gave a half hearted smile he still smiled however he was still very unsure about Santa.

I have been feeling pretty down lately. I was having a god run, then BANG back down again. I hope to find my way back up soon.


Miss Ruby said...

Oh Vee, I hope your Mum is well enough to make the lunch, Boo gets used to his helmet quickly and I too wish you'd have had an extra 7 years with Max - in fact no a lifetime!

Re the weather, we're heading for our driest summer yet after our driest winter yet - we'd kill for rain, wanna swap?


Bea said...

An extra seven years would certainly have been great. Well done that person for being a survivor! One day there will be more stories like that. Unfortunately too late for you and Max.

Good luck with the helmet fitting and your mum's op tomorrow. Hope you are (all) feeling better by the time Sunday lunch rolls around.


Pundelina said...

I hope your Mum's procedure goes smoothly Vee and that you get to enjoy your lunch. And good luck for the bravest Boo on the block - smiling at scary Santa one day, helmet the next.


Lut C. said...

Good luck to your mom, hopefully she will be able to celebrate with you on Sunday.

Hope Boo adjusts to the helmet quickly.

About the LMS survivor, you can't help but wish that you had also had better fortune. 7 years would have been a world of difference, if still too short.

On Santa's lap, how brave!

jill said...

Thinking of you. *hug*

DaisyGal said...

as always, thinking of you...
you know we all have times like you are right now...we are up (as much as we can be) and then something happens, or lots of things happen, or we have a lot on our minds and before we know it we're down again.
There is NO SHAME in that...just knowing that we will get past it is Good enough.

I know you will, I know you can.
that's why I love ya.

thinking of all of you this week. Sending my prayers out to you. xoxoxo

Kristin said...

Hope and pray your mom does well with her procedure and is able to handle the lunch on Sunday.

I think you took a great approach to introducing Boo to Santa.

I am sorry you didn't get 9 years like the person in the blog you were reading. {{{Hugs}}} and prayers.