Friday, December 3, 2010

Boo's Helmet Part 2

Here it is! Boos helmet. He hates it!  He tries to pull it off which puts it into the incorrect position so I keep having to reposition it.

I have to wean him onto it in the first couple of weeks, this morning he only kept it on for 10 mins then had a complete whinge fest. I will eventually have to get him to have a day sleep with it on, then try and get him to wear it between 18 and 23 hours a day. It's going to be a tough ride, I can feel it.

He keeps his bike helmet on when I take him for rides on his trike. I think there will loads of trike riding coming up!


Bea said...

Trike riding, or whatever else works! I think I would be pretty affronted if I was used to a bare head and someone put that thing on me, too. But I'm sure he will learn to tolerate it. It's nice-looking, though!

I'm trying to think what makes PB sit still and tolerate anything you do... he used to be intensely focussed on trains, and watching them on TV especially might have helped, but I'm not sure it'd work any more... Maybe food? He likes fruit, but it wouldn't work during proper meal times. I'm sure you'll find a few tricks that work for Bubbaboo.


jill said...

Awww he's an adorable helmet-wearer. I hope he gets used to it very quickly for you. I hear kids are very adaptable :)

Gil said...

Snazzy! I am sure he'll do great with it in the coming week or so. One day at a time and I bet by this time next week, it'll be no problem at all!
I have to say, he's darn cute, helmet and all! Kissed to him from Petite!

SLJ said...

He'll get used to quicker than you think, kids are pretty adaptable. When Haydn had his leg in plaster he got used to it much quicker than we thought, it never slowed him down much, he just compensated for it in other ways.
As far as helmets go it's pretty cool!

foxy said...

Aww Baby - It must be hard for you to make him do something that he dislikes so much. I suspect that it might be harder for you than it is for him! You are such a great mama and I'm sure you'll find some awesome distractions for your Boo.