Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My Mum made it to her Birthday lunch, she wasn't feeling the best but because my Mum is such a trooper she put on her happy face and managed to enjoy her day with her family. There was some of us missing but they all made sure to catch up with her later.

I didn't think I would get into the Christmas spirit this year without Max. Max was never really keen on the lead up to Christmas. He enjoyed having our little Christmas tree up with it's little lights but that was about it. But come the day, he would always enjoy himself, eating lots of yummy food and enjoying a couple of glasses of wine or beer with family, always going home content. We always said that once we had kids (yes plural) that we would get a bigger tree and look forward to decorating it together.

I have surprised myself. I have decorated the house as well as I could making it toddler proof. I made a little Xmas corner.  I have done it for Boo but I am enjoying it and loving his reaction to everything xmasy. Still using our little Xmas tree that Max and I put up because it's easy to toddler proof. I think it makes more sense to upsize when Boo is a bit older.  We had a trip into to the city yesterday to see the big Christmas tree and window decorations and spent some time in Hyde park. It was a nice day out.

So, so close but out of reach!

Our little Christmas Corner
Christmas Tree in Martin Place

A kiss under the tree.

Christmas windows

Hyde Park

Christmas Tree in Hyde Park

This one is for Mel and all my other Jewish bloggy friends x


Kristin said...

Regarding the last post...I have pics of one of my boys sleeping in an upright sitting position too. Too cute.

I'm glad you are enjoying Christmas more than you thought you would. A tip for future childproofing trees...fishing wire and two eye-bolts (or in a pinch, two nails) are a great way to secure your tree. I'll post pics and an explanation later.

ecb said...

I LOVE your little Christmas tree and toddler proofing is good. lol. It's a great idea to get a larger one when Boo is older and understands. You can create some lovely new memories.

Bea said...

Very sensible tree decisions. We had the same idea about upgrading to the big tree, then in 2006 I said screw it and bought an enormous tree. The last two years it has been in storage for reasons you describe, but this year we have managed to squeeeeeeze it into a corner in our little house and it seems to be going well, so I reckon next Christmas could be big tree year for you. If you're feeling ready!

I'm glad you're getting into the Christmas spirit even without Max. It's funny - the things you think will be hard and the things which are hard are often different things.


DaisyGal said...

go you!!!!! I love your little corner!!!

and I like that you are enjoying Christmas, doing it for yourself, Boo and Max...cause he is there in spirit.

I love all the pics, it's so nice to see Christmas Down Under...:)

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I'm cracking up -- I love all the Christmas tree shots, but thank you for the Chanukkiah at the end.