Monday, April 4, 2011

Life - In Points.

This is going to be a post in points. I am so tired I can't gather my thoughts. It was the end of Daylight savings over the weekend and Boo and I just haven't adjusted too well yet. I'm emotionally exhausted too.

- My Mum was taken to hospital by ambulance on Friday night. She was coughing up loads of blood more than her usual and couldn't get her breath. At first they thought she had a blood clot in her one remaining lung, but xrays showed nothing. They are thinking it was most likely a hemorrhage which could get worse and this could be close to the end. I hate fucken cancer! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

- I had a bunch of friends over with their kids yesterday we had a picnic in our backyard. I had a sausage sizzle,  filled up the splash pool and turned the sprinkler on, I pulled out all the play equipment the kids all had a ball and it was really nice to catch up with my friends. I had planned it weeks ago, I was thinking of canceling to be with my Mum, but Boo hates the hospital he doesn't allow me to stay very long, he has been playing with Play-do with my Mum which keeps him entertained for a bit but then he gets restless and wants to run about. ( Yes he is running now!) The hospital isn't the place to be running about. Even though it was a fun day all I kept thinking of was my Mum. Oh and we made sure to make lots of noise, you know just to annoy the nasty neighbour. :)

- I had a look at a house on the weekend, way out of my price range but I wanted to have a look just to get my feelers out. It was a great house, almost perfect. Except it didn't have a bath tub, Boo hates the shower and the garden needed lots of maintenance. I don't do garden maintenance very well. I think a villa or a townhouse would probably be better suited.

Here is Boo in action. There is no stopping him now. He is SO proud of himself!


maytey said...

Thinking of your Mum Vee, and sorry it's so tricky managing hospital visits. I'm sure Boo cheers her up no end though. And play-do is good therapy for her too I'm sure! Your heart must be breaking right now, I can't even imagine. Big big hugs. xx

btw, I reckon you're a born entertainer, just like your mum!

Pundelina said...

Thinking of you - I hate cancer too :(

JJ said...

Goodness...thinking of you and your Mum. And your Boo is just too adorable :)

Sue said...

So sorry about your Mum. Go Boo!

lparsons15 said...

SO sorry about your mum..will be praying for her! very cute video!

DaisyGal said...

I am thinking of you from way over here. Hoping that she is feeling better soon, that it clears and you have many many many more days of Play Do with her.

Boo, is just gorgeous. He just is. xo

stink-bomb said...

cancer sucks - there i said it.

hoping your mum improves vee.

and boo is gorgeous as always...


Anonymous said...

Best wishes for your mum Vee.
What a clever Boo - too gorgeous!
Leez xx

Kristin said...

Praying for you and your mom and hoping for the best.

Glad you had a wonderful day with friends and I hope you annoyed the hell out of the nasty neighbor.


Leah said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your Mum, I will keep you all in my thoughts and hope for a change for the better.

I'm glad you got to spend some time with your friends :)

jill said...

Thinking of your mum, and you too.

Boo is too cute!

Bea said...

I have been thinking about your mum. How is she this end of the week?