Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Busy Bunny

There is lots happening at the moment, socially and emotionally. Busy, busy, crazy, crazy. Appologies for not reading or commenting on blogs, I will back once things settle down around here.

I took Boo to the Easter Show, I hadn't been for years and was so excited to take my boy. He loved it!
He did have his biggest tantrum to date there because he wanted to go back on the Carousel but apart from that it was all great.

Boo also had his first ever Easter egg hunt. So much fun!

I would just like to wish you all a wonderful Easter and enjoy doing whatever it means to you.
Stay safe x


lparsons15 said...

Hope you have a wonderful easter too! Looks like he had fun!

Gil said...

I saw a load of pics on your FB account; wow, Boo certainly looks like he had so much fun at the show (and you did too!). I am so glad you are enjoying the Easter holiday with your family. Happy Easter to you and yours hon. Love to all from us, and kisses to Boo from Petite!

Kristin said...

Happy Easter and I love the pictures.

stink-bomb said...

right back at ya darl - i hope your easter is a peaceful one.


TheKirCorner said...

oooh those pictures, he is so cute Vee. I just want to hug him up.
Glad your Easter went well. I am wishing you lots of beautiful days.

Lut C. said...

Go on do what you need to do, I'll wait. :-)

Lovely easter pictures to tide me over.