Monday, April 18, 2011

On the Third Day

I have just had three intensive days doing the course. I walked in there with an open mind,  I really didn't know what to expect as I had never done anything like it before. They were really long days- 9am till 10pm everyday for 3 days.

The first day I walked out of there totally exhausted and angry, quite pissed off actually. Why? Firstly I didn't get it, I was really confused and thought it was going to be a waste of time. And also the coach gave us homework, homework!! That had to be done by 9am in the morning. When was I going to that? I was exhausted, didn't get home until 11pm and had to get up 6am to get through the city traffic. My brain was totally fried from trying to take in everything from the day. All the way home I was making up excuses in my head as to why I didn't do my homework! I woke up in the morning still making up excuses. Then I got to the course early there was no traffic, and they had set up a room so people could do their homework. Obviously they knew no one would do it. So I did my homework, there was no excuse. I wasn't alone, pretty much everyone else I spoke too where feeling the same way after the first day. I am so glad because I was starting to think I was just bloody stupid.

The second day was better. I was starting to get it. It was all starting to make some sense, although it was all very abstract I understood bits here and there and could start to relate it to myself. I met some really amazing people with equally amazing stories. Actually I was blown away. Some people were starting to make breakthroughs, it was exciting to see them do it. We were sent home again with homework, this time I read my home work and made use of the drive time home to think about the questions instead of using that time being angry. I got home and did my home work with ease. I even got up extra early to have breakfast with my Boo at my sisters house, I needed a Boo cuddle badly. And Oh they were the most beautiful cuddles and kisses ever.

The third day I was really hoping that I could make more sense of everything and relate it to myself otherwise it was really going to be a waste and I would really be disappointed. That morning whilst the coach was coaching another woman and I was listening to her story, something clicked. The penny dropped. I started to cry uncontrollably. I was enlightened, it was so amazing, now I understood it all and I could relate it to myself and it really did blow me away. My story was playing over and over in my head. Breakthrough.

So I really enjoyed it in the end even if I started out skeptical I came out feeling quite empowered. This morning after a little sleep in I got up thinking about everything I had learned, not consciously it was just all there. I was thinking differently and I was "doing" instead of just "thinking about doing". It felt great. Did I mention I met some really amazing people?

The other wonderful thing was that Boo was really great therapy for my Mum over the weekend. They had a great time. They got to spend 3 full precious days together at my sisters house.
Win, win.


maytey said...

Love, love love it :)

serenity said...

I'm SO thrilled to hear this. YAY!


Bea said...

Sometimes ideas need a bit of percolation, I guess! But it sounds like it was time well spent. Well done.


Delenn said...

Oh this is so awesome! Glad it was a win win for all involved!

TheKirCorner said...

sometimes the penny dropping, the breakthrough is worth the hell it takes to get there

I am hoping that each day is a little better, knowing how strong you are.

Cibele said...

I so happy to hear this. My sister lost her husband really young to a car accident and the support of others that could relate to her pain really helped her. On another note. Have you heard of the book "Two kisses for Maddy"? I was reading it yesterday and I thought about you

Vee said...

Cibele, I am sorry your sister lost her husband so young but glad she got the support she needed.

Yes I have heard of the book, I read Matt's blog. It's on my to read list. Thank you.

Kristin said...

So very glad you got so much out of it.

cas said...

Win Win :)

jill said...

Wow that is just wonderful! So glad it ended up being worth your time.