Friday, April 8, 2011

Life - In Points 2.

My Mum is still in hospital she is itching to come out now after a week. The Dr's are communicating with her specialists at another hospital which is where she has had most of her treatment done. They are deciding whether to give her a low dose of radiotherapy to stop the bleeding. Dr's were meant to get back to her today, they didn't, which means she may end up having to stay in over the weekend. She is getting some well deserved rest at least.


I have a few houses to look at tomorrow. I not holding out any hope, I still need to get all of my paperwork in order so I can submit and application on demand. So it's more just to get my feelers out and see what is available. Oh and I need to inform my landlords. Which I am dreading because they are just awesome. We have become friends now, they have little boy a couple of months older than Boo, we have playdates. They come over for morning tea and bring home made scones. They mow my lawns, ok so I pay a little extra in my rent to have them mowed but still. They would do anything for me, like put a privacy screen up! I am going to make the call tomorrow. Hopefully we can continue our friendship once we move, which I am sure we will.

Yesterday I had an appointment to see Boo's head specialist. His helmet was unsuccessful, not that it didn't do what it was supposed to do, but Boo didn't give it a chance. He really struggled over Summer and during our heatwaves wearing the helmet, he was way too hot in it. He never slept with it on he would always yank it off. He continued to yank it off every time it was on. The bottom line is that he was too old for the helmet.

Basically there is nothing else that can be done for his head now. Although it is changing shape a little he has a small bump on his flat side which means it may actually be popping out. He will never have a perfect head but it will improve with time was the conclusion.  Well, at least we gave it a go. Right?
His appointment was in the late afternoon and on the other side of the city so I thought we would make an afternoon of it, since we rarely venture out that way. So I took Boo to one of the beaches out there. It is a bit cool to swim these days but it was great for playing in the sand and the park.

Here are some pics.
My little lifeguard.

Boo chasing Seagulls.


stink-bomb said...

our imperfections are what make people fall in love with us...

he is still as adorable as ever vee.


Lut C. said...

It must be tough for your Mom to be in hospital. I hope she gets to go home soon.

Good luck wit the house hunting!

The helmet, well, as you say, you did try. Circumstances are simply against you. Hopefully, the shape of his head will go in the right direction.

Kristin said...

Boo is still an absolutely beautiful little boy.

I hope your home buying adventure goes smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Vee, I'm sorry about the helmet not working. Boo is the most gorgeous boy and his cheeky grin and nature easily distracts from the shape of his head (which I have never even noticed)! DS still has faint stork marks between his eyes and is missing a front tooth that never grew and I rarely see it, it's just who he is.
Next time you're in the east you must let me know so we can meet up!!
Leez xx

Noelle said...

His hair is gorgeous. That curl...

TheKirCorner said...

could that little boy be any more gorgeous??? Oh My heart. WOW.

Those pictures (your talent is just as pronounced as Max's) are pure genius and art. LOVE THEM.