Monday, October 25, 2010

Bubbaboo and My Mum- An Update.

Is amazing.  He has become a sponge and only has to see things done once and challenges himself to do the same. Even if they are things he isn't supposed to be doing like lifting the lid off the kitchen bin.
He is up and cruising the furniture and when he is down he is a bum shuffling pro. He is not interested in being on his knees and crawling at all. He scoots around at the speed of lightening and gets into things before you know it. I must take more video of him bum shuffling because it really is funny to watch. People comment on it all the time. I had never seen any other toddler do it before him but no doubt there are many.

Bubbaboo is really musical he loves to listen and sing along to music in the car. He used to want his ABC kids cds, not anymore, now he wants to listen to U2, Michael Franti & Spearhead and recently The John Butler Trio.  He drums anything he can get his hands on including Max's drums and sings along. Max would be so very proud of him. He claps his hands instead of waving goodbye, he is a bit confused with that. I take him swimming every week and he loves it, I am so, so happy that he does. I am really looking forward to summer with him so we can do lots of swimming.

He has his 8 front teeth and one molar through and couple of others bulging ready to pop out. He hasn't been too bad with them really, he has been unsettled some nights and wants to bite anything he can get his teeth into including my cheeks! When I ask for a kiss. He doesn't say much but is constantly mumbling to himself. He understands a lot though, he can point out the duck in a picture book, point at his painting on the wall when I ask where it is and points to his Daddy's photos when I ask where Daddy is. That always breaks my heart. He has started really playing with his toys now, not just pulling them out of the toy bucket and finding joy in doing that. He rolls his wooden car back and forth making brrroom, brroom noises. He tries to put his wooden puzzles together mostly unsuccessfully but he tries. He is really stubborn and gets upset if he doesn't get his way. The word NO is still foreign to him. Apparently. He is starting to throw tantrums if I put him in his pram or carseat to leave somewhere he is having fun. Thankfully they don't last too long after a little distraction. I am sure there is more to update but can't think for the moment but I do know that Bubbaboo is my world, he makes my day, every day.

My Mum-
My Mum came out of hospital the week after Bubbaboos birthday. Her and my Dad have been staying at my sisters house until she got some strength back. They moved back home last week after we organised to get the all the aids fitted railing, detachable shower etc just like I did for Max. We also had the carpet stripped out of their bedroom, it really should have been done years ago. Her lung has fully collapsed now and she struggles breathing. She has oxygen at home and a portable cylinder for out and about. She still does too much but there is no way of stopping her at least now she we will have a lie down during the day and get some rest. Her infection comes and goes she has been on numerous antibiotics which seems to keep it at bay mostly. She has started to cough up blood the last few days she hadn't done that for a while. I know that always freaks her out, although her specialist isn't too concerned about it and thinks it's her esophagus that can get quite irritated from all the coughing she does. So for now she is stable and being looked after by a palliative care team and like any cancer patient it's one day at time.


Pundelina said...

Bubbaboo sounds like a dreamy boy - growing up so nicely. Thank god for him.

And I'm sending prayers for your Mum, having a sick Mum is awful.


maytey said...

It must be so hard for you seeing your Mum and Dad go through this. You are a wonderful daughter, Vee. Lots of love to you & your Mum.

Bubbaboo is such a cheeky bunny, I can't wait to see him again! xx

Delenn said...

Reading this I so want to hug the dickens out of that little boy! He sounds like so much fun!! :-) The scooting on the bum is something I have never heard of, but it gets him around and into trouble, just like any other locomotion, eh?

Hugs would also have to be doled out to you and your dear sweet mother...still trucking along. :-)

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Look at Bubbaboo grow. They just become more fun the more they can do. Just wait until the twins can trade him with our incessant questions about Australia for his future questions about America :-) Because you know the land of 1000 questions is coming.

Sending love to your whole family with your mum.

Miss Ruby said...

Gee they grow so fast Vee!!

Your update on your Mum brings back memories of my Dad, he too had a collapsed lung before he died, had oxygen at home and took a bottle out with him.

Big hugs Vee


annacyclopedia said...

Oh, I'd love to see Bubbaboo do his bum shuffle - that is so sweet! C is getting into everything these days, too - it's great to see them learning and exploring so much.

Huge hugs to you and your whole family - I'm holding you all in my heart and hoping your mom is able to enjoy each day with you and your wonderful boy.


Lut C. said...

There are indeed quite a few bum-scooters out there. I've been told regular crawling is a good exercise of hand/leg coordination - or something of that effect. But once a baby shows a preference, I think it's hard to convince them to do otherwise.

Every step forward in communication is so wonderful. Now that Linnea has been talking for so long already, I can't imagine it ever having been different.

It must be heartbreaking to see your mother this way.

Bea said...

Well, don't throw out those ABC Kids CD's. Ours are back in fashion now PB is into singing along. I remember he did prefer them as a baby, and then I guess he figured he could handle more instrumentally complicated stuff, and now he's working on lyrics he wants them clear and simple again.

Anyway. I'm glad your mum is home again, but so sorry to hear that she is facing all those challenges. Hopefully the new aids will make a big difference although it is, as you say, one day at a time. I suppose I just hope today's a good day.


Jenny said...

You are amazing!

DaisyGal said...

Oh Vee, I love reading about that wonder boy of yours. He sounds amazing, like he is keeping a smile on his mommy's face and heart. That makes me happy...that you are enjoying him so much. (HUGS)

I do hope that your mom has more good days than bad ones now that she is home. I know that you as a family, are all struggling with how ill she is, and it hurts my heart for you to know that inside your grief is more ...but I also know that spending time with her, hugging her and letting her know that you love her will go a long way to ease some of that grief for now...send her a hug from me can't hurt....all my love to all of you.