Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun in the Sun.

And this is what I love about the weather getting warmer but what makes me the happiest is that Bubbaboo loves the beach. He would bum shuffle his way into the surf in a flash if I let him. He is a bit too confident in the water. I am looking forward to many more great days like today with my boy. We had a great day today, so I just had to share our precious moment.


maytey said...

Lovely! I like the one of his feet. Northern Beaches? We were at Dee Why this am and I thought of you :)

Vee said...

Oh really we were so close. We were at Collaroy, the next beach up from Dee Why. We went to Dee Why last week :-)

Bea said...

We should go to more beaches! You have inspired me. Swimming lessons start next week, so maybe we'll get some of Bubbaboo's confidence going soon.

Although I do put one mark against you for getting the theme song to Red Dwarf into my head. I can just tell it's going to be really stuck and also annoying by tomorrow...


edenland said...

What a bum-shuffling hero! There is no way either of my guys would do that at Bubbaboo's age, for some reason they have been scared of sand.

Such beautiful pics Vee. Thank GOD it's getting warmer!

I dreamt about you last night. You were sitting at the back of this bus, with this quiet dignity. I walked up to you and said, omg you're Vee! And you smiled and said yes, you had seen me on the bus but I was so noisy and busy you'd wait til I'd finished.

This morning, there has been much crying and wailing and shouting in my house already. (And none from me, of you can believe it!) So we won't make it down to Sydders today. But soon. And if you go, make sure to try that banana gelato I was telling you about.

Love love love to you mate. I've decided that no matter how trite or stupid my comments sound, I'm going to post them here anyway.(YOU'RE WELCOME) So many times I delete them Vee. It's like I want to put my whole heart in the comment box but I can't. I think about you heaps, beautiful lady.


SLJ said...

Great photos Vee, so full of joy and exploration, believe me as bubbaboo gets older your house will be filled with sand and dirt! (well if he is anything like my two, it will)!)
I have a similar photo of Haydns feet covered in sand when he was Bubbaboos age, I have it in a scrap book page with a quotation, which I can't remember off hand, something along the lines of may you always have sand between your toes etc etc. Will chase it up as it is perfect for these photos.

Lut C. said...

I have lovely memories of my daughter as a toddler playing on the beach and in the sea as well. :-)

DaisyGal said...

seriously that kiddo of yours is too cute and I love the glad that you are enjoying your summer as much as you can with that handsome little boy of yours. :)

May the sunshine warm up your heart..