Saturday, September 25, 2010

Too Cute To Eat!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes. My day started off in tears, I miss Max so much. I put on his aftershave I wanted him to be with me all day and he was. Every time I got a whiff of his scent, it made me smile.  I ended up having a lovely day, I went out for lunch with some family at a local club, put $5 in the pokies and lost it. Had some fun play with Bubbaboo in their ball pool.  Then had dinner at my sisters place with my Mum and Dad where she had a great birthday cake for me. I am so lucky I have my boy and my family who always help me get through those challenging days.

My birthday cake, it was too cute to eat!
 I thought I would share some pics of what Bubbaoo got up to today. I love that he is such a hands on kid. He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty at all. Oh and of course he had to taste the paint which meant he ended up with red lipstick. Too cute!

The blank canvas. The fun begins!
He quickly discovered

that painting with his hands

was a lot more fun than a paintbrush.
And the end result is now hanging in my living room.


Bea said...

Great that you have such people around. Including the talented Bubbaboo! The aftershave was a good idea.


Miss Ruby said...

That cake is just divine!

The aftershave was SUCH a good idea and he would have been with you Vee...

Glad you have support around you.


Delenn said...

I love the thought of smelling his aftershave. Glad you had a Happy Birthday.

Lut C. said...

Amazing cake!

Looks like Bubbaboo had a great time :-)

DaisyGal said...

I LOVE Cake..and yours looked DELICIOUS and cute!!!!

I love that you "had Max" with you all day. I wish you a year that brings you some comfort, more smiles than tears my beautiful, birthday girl friend xoxoxo

Cibele said...

awesome the pics!