Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bubbaboo's First Birthday

Wonderful cake that I helped a friend make for Bubbaboo's Party.

He is One! My boy is one. I can't believe I have been a Mum for a year and I made it. There have been so many struggles but to focus on the positives it has been truly amazing, Bubbaboo is amazing! I adore that boy, there is so much love in my heart for him that it will explode and I know he loves me too. The first time he showed me that he loved me and wanted me was the evening of Max's funeral over 3 months ago. I was staying at my sisters and had lots of family around he was to go down for the night so to give me a rest everyone else was dealing with him but he wouldn't settle for them. It came to inconsolable screaming so I went in and gave him a cuddle and he fell straight to sleep in my arms with no fuss, he wanted me, his Mum. That's when he first showed me he loved me and he needed me, he couldn't have done it at a better time. Now he shows me in many ways, he extends his arms for a cuddle and gives me sloppy kisses on my cheeks or rests his forehead on mine as a kiss. He is constantly smiling and laughing and giggling, he makes me laugh every day which is just so precious to me and I thank him so much for it.

On Thursday, his actual birthday, after giving him loads of birthday kisses and cuddles, we went to visit my Mum in hospital. I took a small cake so we could celebrate with her. He had lots of nice Nonna time. Then I took him to the park on his new trike I bought him for his birthday, he loves it and says bbbrrrrrm when he is on it. I actually thought about Bubbaboos birth that day, the day he was born and how much joy he bought Max and I. The smile on Max's face was just priceless, a moment I will never forget. So that's what birthdays are really about  hey, who would have thought. I didn't now that before now. I am forever grateful for giving birth to a beautiful live baby.

Checking out the Sydney view from his Nonna's hospital bed.
On Sunday we had a big party for him at home with family and friends, there were over 50 people. My Mum was allowed out of hospital for a few hours to celebrate with us, that was very precious. Lucky I have an amazingly huge backyard which is perfect for parties. I hired some play equipment for the kids to play on since they were all, bar one, a lot older than Bubbaboo and they had a ball. I organised some games with prizes, pass the parcel , Pin the Nose on the Clown and I had a Pinata that we didn't get to use at the fundraiser. It was a great day, Bubbaboo had loads of fun playing with all the other kids and getting tossed from adult to adult. He really is a little social butterfly and he doesn't mind a bit. It was a huge day for me though. I ended up in bed at 8pm with a mega headache and loads of mess to clean up the next day. But it was all worth it. You only turn one once!
I just wish Max was here to witness his son growing into this wonderful little being. He would be just so proud.

Playing with his trike at his birthday party.
Happy first birthday my precious son. Mummy loves you soooooo much!


Miss Ruby said...

What wonderful memories you have of his birth and now of his first birthday.

I know you probably don't feel it Vee [and in some aspects you're not] but you are very blessed. Yes you've lost the love of your life BUT at least you found him and had him in your life and together you built a beautiful life that will forever live on in your heart and your memories. Together you created Bubbaboo and yes I know that's not "technically" true but in your hearts you did, the journey you went on together brought you to the amazingly beautiful son you have now.

I hope peace is a little more forthcoming to you everyday and that one day you can think of Max and only remember the good, the happy and put smiles on your face, rather than tears in your eyes.

Big hugs my friend and I'm so glad Bubbaboo's first birthday went so well.


maytey said...

What a beautiful comment, I couldn't agree more. xx

Delenn said...

Happy Birthday, Bubbaboo! A beautiful cake, a beautiful post...a beautiful boy.

DaisyGal said...

Miss Ruby's comment was so beautiful I am crying.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful little boy. What a joy it is for us to watch you grow up through your mommy's are a miracle to ALL of us.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUGS!!!!!!!! Love to you Vee.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Happy birthday, Bubbaboo. It sounds like a perfect celebration in an imperfect time. I wish Max could have been there to see it too, but I'm glad your mum was able to get out of the hospital for a bit to be there.

lparsons15 said...

Oh Happy Birthday Bubbaboo!!

Lut C. said...

If the cake is anything to go by, that must have been one fine birthday party! Amazing!

Those moments when you feel your child needs and loves you - precisely you - are precious. My daughter is an independent little lady, so when she gives me a cuddle I relish the moment.

Bea said...

Happy birthday Leo! Sounds like lots of work but a very successful day. I love the cake! I will definitely put in my order next time there's the chance and the occasion!


MrsSpock said...

Happy birthday Leo! A child is just the gift that keeps on giving...

luna said...

what a wonderful celebration! so glad your mum could join you. that cake is amazing! lions are our little girl's favorite, next to puppies.