Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Post About Nothing.

I have so much to write about but I have nothing. I am really frustrated that I just can't gather my thoughts and get them out. I don't know why, I don't know if it's because I am just too tired or its' because my brain just doesn't work any more and I can't express myself. I know time is a big factor the only real time I get in a big chunk is when Bubbaboo is down of a night by then I am pretty exhausted.

I don't like that time is passing and I am not getting things out. And when I do feel like writing it's about something that I can't really write about because I haven't written about what has happened prior so everything will be out of sync and just not make sense. I feel like I need to sit down for a couple of days and just get it all out to try and catch up. That is not likely to happen, now as a single mum to a one year old who loves to get into everything and demands attention constantly, my chances are pretty much nil.

So I will give you some photos, because I don't want you to leave with nothing. And thanks for listening.

Outside Sydney Town Hall, George St, City stuck at traffic lights.

My Bubbaboo. I love him in this hat,
he is starting to get used to wearings hats,
which is great because summer is just around the corner.


Miss Ruby said...

Vee I too am suffering from a mental block of late!

As for nothing making sense - who cares! If you get it all done eventually, we'll all work it out, the important thing is that you get it out!!


Lut C. said...

Sounds like a log jam.

To whom must things make sense? Yourself? Bubbaboo later?

Bea said...

This is definitely a pretty exhausting phase - being able to get into everything and not yet able to understand that the whole world is not a toy.

I say don't worry too much about the backstory - write what you feel like and then catch us up in the followup posts. You seem to want to get it out there in an orderly fashion, but I can hardly imagine it's orderly inside your head at the moment. So just give it to us as it comes. It may not be the video-recording of past events you were after, but it will be much better than none, and it will make an excellent picture of where you're at now.


maytey said...

I totally agree with Bea. You're putting way too much pressure on yourself for it to be perfectly chronological! It's kind of like the feeling I get when I have a whole heap of photos to file or print or upload. It all seems so overwhelming that I don't do any of it, and then as time goes by the mountain gets bigger and bigger!

DaisyGal said...

Vee, you know I'll read whatever you put here and I will never ask for a backstory etc..just write, if you need to...and know that we're here, reading, listening, a shoulder for your very tired and achy head.

Plus, I get the tired, I only blog at work (always have) because this is the only place I have peace , quiet and the wherewithall to do it, at home, it's my sanctuary...and I'm in bed by 8pm most nights...LOL

I'm here my friend, never doubt that...

I love the pics, your son is simply GORGEOUS, that hat is so perfect. *HUGS*