Thursday, September 23, 2010

His Gift

Well tomorrow is my birthday so yesterday I went and bought myself a gift. The gift is really from Max, it is something he had always wanted to buy me. Many times we would step into a shop and have a look around but he never had the energy to hang around in there for long. He was going to buy it online but once again his time on the computer became limited due to how uncomfortable he was. He knew I would have loved it and really wanted me to have one. It was a gift that he wanted to get me for no particular occasion, just because he loved me. Buying the gift was one of those many things that got slipped aside because there were more important things to deal with. So he never bought me the gift, until yesterday.
Max bought me a silver Pandora bracelet with four really symbolic charms for my birthday. I love it and will always cherish it. I intend to buy a charm every year for my birthday as a gift from Max, each one representing something very special.

Max loved buying me jewelry, he had a great knack for buying things I loved. I have so many beautiful pieces from him. They are not all expensive except for my very stunning diamond ring he bought me for our 6th wedding anniversary, but they are all very beautiful and very special.

Thank you my beautiful husband I wish you were here to celebrate with me and give a birthday kiss and hug in the morning. I miss you lots x

" Your combination of charms is a unique celebration of who you are. It's about being true to yourself- and making your unforgettable moments last forever" Pandora.


lparsons15 said...

Such a beautiful bracelet..Happy Birthday!

Caro said...


Miss Ruby said...

Simply beautiful!!

I hope you have a fabulous birthday Vee xxx

edenland said...

Vee, that is a beautiful, beautiful bracelet. Happy Birthday Eve, lovely. I hope you have something nice and simple planned, with a few people who love you the most. Sending you down some special spring birthday wishes xoxox

Cibele said...

very beautiful!!! Happy birthday Vee.

Lut C. said...

Happy birthday - and a lovely way to remember Max by.

Bea said...

That's a great thought, and very fitting as it can be added to.

Happy birthday, Vee. I hope it is a good one despite being without your Max cuddle.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Bracelet Vee!
Happy Birthday hun xo

Alex said...

I thinks its beautiful that you made sure to get something special from Max. THe idea of adding something to it each year made me tear up.

Happy Birthday Vee. I wish you peace and happiness in the coming year.

DaisyGal said...

Happy Birthday my beautiful friend. I hope this year brings you peace in your heart, comfort in your soul.

what a gorgeous gift, that bracelet is exquisite and I am so glad that you can add to it every year. It will be something you wear that will be filled with wonderful memories.

love to you, on this special day/month of yours! XO