Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Little Spring Holiday.

I started my holiday in tears, I left the house with the car totally packed, my beautiful son in the back but I had no one in the passenger seat. Max should have been with us, this was going to be the kind of holiday we loved and often enjoyed together, but the seat was empty and I sobbed as I drove and left the house. I finally pulled myself together because crying and driving is a bit like drink driving, it shouldn't be done.

Our little holiday was all I had hoped it was and more. Bubbaboo and I have had an awesome time it was only for 3 nights 4 days, and we squeezed so much into that time yet still managed to relax too and we didn't even move from where we were staying. I love that! Only the first day before we checked in we had fish and chips in the park and some play time with some gorgeous online and friends and their bubs and then the other days everyone came to visit with their bubs. It was really nice to interact with other Mums and and Bubs, I missed out on joining any mothers groups when Bubbaboo was born because so much of my time was filled with looking after Max. Although I had met these friends before, bar one, it was great to catch up and do things that mothers do with their children. Bubbaboo had a great time and went to bed exhausted everyday. We did lots of swimming in the heated pool, played at the beach where Bubbaboo ate lots and lots of sand, splashed in rock pools, we had a BBQ lunch. I saw dolphins swimming in the bay from my patio, I woke up to a local Cockatoo that had been taught to say FUCK YOU!* over and over again and I went to bed with sound of the waves every day. My dream come true. I watched the birds and smelt the flowers, stared at the stars that were the brightest I have ever seen. The weather was perfect every day. Bubbaboo did lots of bum shuffling on the floorboards, it's a lot easier than the carpet we have at home, he had lots of standing practice after watching his little friends all standing.

I missed Max terribly, but I did feel his presence every single day. Max and I spent a lot of time on holidays on the Central Coast, there were lots of memories around, most of them wonderful. He would have loved this holiday. Bubbaboo was so layed back and just took in his environment, he so much like his Mummy and Daddy. I am looking forward to going on many holidays with my boy.

* no joke! At first I thought he was saying "thank you" really badly but he wasn't.


Miss Ruby said...

LMAO at the talking bird!!

I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were so I'm glad you posted today!

Also glad you had a good break!

That pelican looks like he's thinking "don't you come any closer to me with that thing" LOL! I *heart* Pelican's, they're one of my favourite birds!!


Gil said...

As always, I love the photos Vee. You have such an eye! Bubbaboo is just adorable!!! that closeup of his hands with the sand is wonderful! And don't you fear. You might not have SEEN Max next to you in that passenger seat, but he was right there beside you the entire time. I just know it.

I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday and had fun with other moms and babies. Good on you for taking some time away to just enjoy your little boy! Sending hugs and love from all of us. HUGE kisses to Bubbaboo from Petite! XOXO

maytey said...

That photo with the pelican is priceless! And I agree about the sandy hands/tongue, you've shown his fascination and total mindfulness while doing something that could easily be dismissed as bad or irritating (I know I do this regularly) x

Bea said...

What is it with kids and sand? Ack. It's only supposed to be, like, 5kg of dirt in a lifetime or something. I swear we're already up to 6kg over here.

I'm sorry that Max couldn't make it in person, but it sounds very much like he was there in spirit. What a great break for you.


DaisyGal said...

Vee, wow...what a beautiful place and what a beautiful vacation.
I love the pic of his hands covered in sand, it got me all choked up.

you know, Max was there with you, giving you that dream come was so nice for you to be able to Relax a little...I'm so glad you could. HUGS

Jenny said...

Absolutely gorgeous post & photos.

Vee, thank you so very much for sharing your journey.

I think of you often.