Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Trip Part 2- With Tips

We arrived at the hotel safely. I must say they don't really drive that fast which I was glad about but I still didn't feel comfortable about not having Boo in a carseat. Boo had fallen asleep in my arms.

We checked into the hotel, I pulled out the essentials from our suitcase and we both crashed. There was a cot in the room which I had requested. But it wasn't safe it had locks and hinges like a door to pull down the sides. Boo undid the locks in a second flat and I could just see him throwing himself from the high cot onto the tiled floor. So he slept in my king size bed the entire holiday, I often found myself sleeping on the edge hanging on for dear life whilst he was sprawled across taking over the rest of the bed. This co sleeping was not a good idea I realised since we have been back. Boo has resisted sleeping in his cot, he is slowly getting back into it but has taken some time and many tears.

The next day we had some breakfast and went for a walk. Then for a swim in the pool but Boo wasn't right, I knew he still wasn't feeling well and I was struggling to get fluids into him. His nappies were dryish so that afternoon I decided to take him to the hospital. Wondering the whole time if I had made the right decision to bring my sick boy on the this trip and feeling very guilty. I was concerned he was becoming dehydrated and the heat and humidity there wasn't helping. So I got into a taxi yes with no babyseat and off we went. The hospital in Phuket is very good. Very clean, thorough and organised and they really looked after us. The Dr said Boo was ok if he still had wet nappies even a little wet. He suggested to give him lots of cold and frozen things to eat. He still had plenty of energy he had 3 nurses chasing him around the waiting room whilst I spoke to the Dr.

Before we left I bought him an ice cream cone and he gobbled it down. As far I was concerned he could live on ice creams if it meant he got something down. The next day he was much better and had a big appetite and was guzzling water down. Phew!

From then on it was all fun and adventures. We went on our elephant trek, Boo loved it and to my surprise fell asleep half way through the trek on the elephant! We got very up close and personal with lots of animals at the zoo. The actual animal enclosures were quite sad and not very exciting compared our wonderful zoo in Sydney but it was worth just meeting and having our photos taken with the Tiger, Monkeys and White Python snake. Boo was really good with the animals, he was a bit standoffish and cautious but he certainly didn't scream or cry with any of the animals, he just took it all in.

Isn't this just amazing?
 We went out to one of the islands on a speedboat, I was happy they had life jackets in Boos size. I chose an island that wasn't too far, not one of the most beautiful but lovely just the same. We fed beautful fish right there standing in the shallows of the beach. Boo sat in his seat float, this is the best thing if you are traveling alone with a little one. It gives you some freedom in the water knowing your little one is safe and at arms reach. You can even enjoy a drink at the pool bar without a little one attached to you. I bought Boos Wiggles car from home but I did notice they sold similar at the markets.

Feeding the fish on the beach.

We didn't have any bread to feed the fish but I had some cereal that I had packed from breakfast for a snack for Boo. Another tip, is take ziplock bags if you have a full buffet breakfast included in your accommodation. I would pack some pastries, pancakes, cereal or fruit for Boo to snack on through out the day. The staff where fine about it.

Speaking of the staff, they were amazing with Boo. Everybody loved him. They knew him by name and would kidnap him for a while to give me a break. He would go on adventures help the ladies at the front desk or go on errands with the Bellboys. He loved them too and lapped it all up. Actually the Thais in general were great with Boo. We couldn't go anywhere without them stopping and pinching his chubby legs or even giving him a kiss. He got so much attention when we were out that I was afraid that when we got back home he would be seeking it, but so far so good. Even when we went to have meals out, the waitresses would take off with him to show him the kitchen or the fish at the front of the restaurant so I could eat my meal in peace. Most eateries have high chairs, but that is exactly what they are a high chair. There are no restraints on them at all so Boo would be sitting, standing twisting, rocking the chair. I would be trying to eat, feed him and restrain him all at the same time. The Thai toddlers must be really well behaved than ours, no restraints on anything??!

So on the odd occasion I did manage to get a car seat for Boo but other times he was free-styling and I must say I became a lot more relaxed about it. When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Boo with his fave Bellboy at the front of our hotel.
Ok Part 3 to come.


Bea said...

Hm, you can get harnesses to use on high chairs, too - although I never would have thought of needing it, I would have assumed (as you) that a high chair would come with a harness.

You certainly did lots of things!


Lut C. said...

Restaurants often have awful high chairs. I've take along my own sometimes - the kind you install on a regular chair - (obviously not on a trip like yours though).

You can buy a nice fabric harnass thing (sack'n seat).

Tara said...

What a WONDERFUL adventure!!! The pictures are amazing - I can't believe little Boo with that monkey! How awesome! You are a wonderful Mommy!