Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boo to the Zoo.

Today I took Boo to the Zoo. He loved it! Like I thought he would. I am excited becuase I became a Zoo Friend which gives me unlimited entries into the Zoo with discounts on loads of things including parking. So it definately somewhere we will be spending a lot of time at during this Winter. We saw so much but there is still so much more too see.

Boo has finally, at almost 19 months, decided to let go and walk. I thought he would never do it! He is such a cautious boy in everything he does. Which is a good thing really. He is also saying a lot more, a lot of the times he says thing for a week then he wont so them ever again.

So here is a snippet of him walking today, he walked for longer but by the time I turned the camera on it was almost over. Also some pics of the zoo.

Turn the volume down for the video :-)

I am still all over the place, emotionally. Still looking for direction. I will elaborate on this when I am in the right head space.


Delenn said...

Hooray for walking!! I love the zoo is a great place for the little ones!

BigP's Heather said...

Great photos - and video!!

Anonymous said...

You are a fabulous photographer!

Leah said...

LOve the giraffe pic!!

Congrats on the walking, it makes life so much easier I reckon, and them happier.

Hope you find the right headspace soon.

AussieJenn said...

I'm new to your blog, I come via Cali's blog and Mel's comment...
What wonderful pics you take. I'm a Melbourne gal, but my 7yo son is itching to visit Sydney Zoo.

I've only read your recent posts, but it sounds to me like you've been doing it hard, hope you don't mind but I'm going to sit down and read more. Meanwhile I'm sending you a cyber hug from down here.

Oh and your mother's alter is beautiful, it's so good she managed it again. What a lovely tradition.

Sue said...

Go Boo!

JJ said...

Just here to leave you a virtual hug, just because. Hope you can feel it.

Bea said...

Love your pics, definitely a great day out.

And yay for cautious little Boo! He's very steady, isn't he? Obviously wanted to wait til he had it down pat before letting go. I've seen other kids careening around like an accident waiting to happen, the bold little things. Must give their parents heart attacks! Boo's way has many advantages.


Lut C. said...

Walking! Well done Boo, but you'll be spending much of your time chasing him now.

Linnea loves the zoo too, we go all the time. The baby elephant is her favorite.

Hope you find an even keel in good time.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures! I'm sure Boo is going to keep you running now!

Sandra in KY

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos as ever, Vee. Big hugs and love from over here, Daisy in the uk xx

Gil said...

So happy that Boo is walking! GO BOO!!! WOOT!

And as always, I love your photos. Capturing those moments forever is a wonderful thing; and definitely something I need to do more of. I hope to post more pics of Petite as well. In the meantime, I get to enjoy pics of your little Boo! Love and hugs to you both!

DaisyGal said...

OMG Boo is walking....WOW. I'm crying. Call me sentimental...or just whiny. ;)

your talent with a camera is enviable...come to the states and teach me how. he he he.

sending hugs across the ocean my friend. :)

jill said...

Boo walking is adorable! Go Boo!

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I would frame them and hang them in my house. I adore the one of the giraffes with the city in the distance.

And I love your accent! :) (is this impolite to say? I hope not...)

foxy said...

You live in such a beautiful part of the world!

I can't help but comment on Boo's incredible head of hair. The curls are so sweet. The kind of curls that I've always envisioned on my someday babe.