Sunday, March 13, 2011


It's dark.
I am feeling lost.
I am feeling lonely.

He died, 10 months ago.
I am still here.

I need to find my way.
Some direction.

I will be back.

So "they" say.


Delenn said...


Bea said...

Vee! Not a good day. I hope you get that direction soon. I know you'll find your way in time.


foxy said...

You'll be back when the time is right Vee. "They' certainly have lots to say about grief and loss, but you know yourself and your Boo best. I am so impressed with the way that you ARE finding your own way on this new path. It will never be the same, but you are still here and can tell by what you share here that you will continue to find your way.
big hugs.

Lut C. said...

Thinking of you.

lparsons15 said...

Thinking of you Vee...I hope that "they" are right..

edenland said...

"They" also say that a bubble bath, a poem, a candle, a kiss, and some internet love from your favourite redhead up the mountain works wonders too.



Anonymous said...

Thinking of you as always Vee and know exactly how you must be feeling! Wish I was in Sydney to give you a hug and receive a hug! Please email me if you wish to chat.
I am feeling very lost and lonely myself at the moment, not knowing which direction my life is heading.
Am searching myself and not getting any answers, really do not know how I am getting through each day but somehow I do, I am so tired.
I feel so alone in this big world and am feeling quite scared about my future.
All my love and thoughts at this time.
Mary x

maytey said...


serenity said...


I wish I was there to give you a hug in person.

alicia said...

hugs, hoping you find that direction and your way. wish i could help :( hugs

DaisyGal said...

I always wish I could just sit down and wrap you in my arms and let you cry .....let you find your way out of the emptiness, the lonliness.
But since I can't be there...I'll tell you that from here, I love you, I'm thinking of you, I'm wrapping you in virtual hugs and I know that when it's time you'll come back to us.

xo all my love xo

Miss Ruby said...

"they" know nothing and yet seem to preach all the time.

vee this road you're walking is a difficult one, one that is unpredictable, one that cannot be mapped and the ONLY way to walk it, is to do it one day at a time - which you are doing.

grief and the recovery from it plays out in people's lives in many different ways, no way is right or wrong, some people recover quickly, other's seemingly never at all.

what you feel is right for YOU - just remember that my friend.

big hugs


MrsSpock said...

So hard to find a way after such a loss. Hugs to you Vee!