Friday, August 20, 2010


Thanks so much everyone for all your lovely comments on my friend C's post, it is very appreciated.
You all rock.

Bubbaboo and I discovered a new park not very far from home, right by the river. Actually Max and I had been there once before but sans children we didn't really appreciate what it had to offer. Yesterday we had a gorgoeus warm Winters day although very windy it was still screaming at us to get out in the sun. The park has a huge sandpit , a play area and water slide and a splash pool. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can take Bubbaboo for a  real splash instead of just dunking his toes in. He loved it, he had his first real tantrum when we had to leave the park. I love that he loves the outdoors, that makes me so happy. He is learning and discovering so much, he just takes everything in and doesn't miss anything either. I love the way he studies things, simple things like picking up a dry leaf in the sand pit and brings it close to him, feels it, scrunches it, turns it left, turn it right till he is satisfied then he tosses it! He loves throwing things. He hasn't been in sand since he was 3 months old so he wouldn't remember it, so sand was very new to him. The grains of sand through his fingers and toes, he loved it.

I have heaps to say but I am feeling so tired at the moment. Emotionally and physically. I have a few big decisions to make which I am struggling with but I have too much happening in the next week or so, I have just had to brush the decision making aside. One of things happening is that my boy will be turning one! I just can't believe it. Firstly that I , ME, I have a son and secondly he will one!

Here are some pics of our day at the park with the my beautiful boy.


Bea said...

He looks like quiet the thoughtful discoverer. Happy first birthday, Leo!

And good luck with those tricky decisions.


lparsons15 said...

Love his hair! I hope you find peace in making your difficult decisions..

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures.

Man, he's one already. How did that happen?


DaisyGal said...

Oh Vee, that little boy is soooo beautiful...look at those piggy toes!!! and those curls. He's a handsome little guy!!!!

thinking of you as you navigate those decisions...always.

luna said...

nothing as good for the soul as an afternoon in the sun and sand with your beautiful boy!
sending you love.

Lut C. said...

There should be a way to etch afternoons like that into your memory, sights, smells and all. The pictures are a lovely start though. :-)

Decisions, well it's good to be able to shut those out for a while if needed.

jill said...

I'd imagine that would be one of the best things about parenthood... watching them discover the world :)