Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Munchkin- update

Bubbaboo scan went as well as expected, although I don't have the results yet. He was tired and starving and really upset. He was meant fast from 7-3pm he woke at 5.30am so I gave him his bottle, he went back to sleep and I had to wake him at 6.30 to give him his breakfast but he wasn't interested at that time of the morning.  So his last feed was at 5.30am. The childrens hospital really should reschedule the times of these scans for little ones, it makes more sense for them to have it done first thing in the morning.

They allowed me to go in with him whilst they gave him happy gas before hey gave him the anesthetic. It was so horrible to watch my boy go through that. The actually procedure didn't take long and he was awake and screaming after 20 minutes. The nurse told me it was normal for him to react that way and I believed her because I had just witnessed a little girl a week older than Bubbaboo coming out doing the same thing. Poor little Munchkins.

It was a really long day for all of us. Bubbaboo fell asleep in his pram whilst we waited out to make sure he wasn't going to have a reaction to the GA, but he was fine. He had half a bottle nice he settled down. So we came home I gave him a bottle, put him in his pj's on gave hm lots of cuddles and then straight to bed. He slept through the night, he hadn't done that for weeks. And he was fine all day yesterday and even slept through last night, so maybe the GA has shocked him back into his routine. He is really enjoying his sleep at the moment but I wont say that too loudly.


maytey said...

Good to hear that Vee. Fingers crossed for the results x

Alex said...

I hope all goes well with he results. You deserve nothing but smooth sailing straight through his wedding day ;)