Friday, July 29, 2011

We Made It To The Otherside.

I finally got my internet and phone hooked up so I should be writing a huge post because it has been a HUGE couple of weeks, but I am too tired and don't have the enegry to gather my thoughts. So here is a brief post.

We are in our new home, which we love. I wish Max was here to enjoy it with us, he too would love it. I miss him terribly.

Two things that I didn't realise about this house one is how damp it is, I am hoping it will improve as the weather warms up. I don't like that musty smell. And two we have a Jacaranda tree in our backyard. Every time I see it and especially when it flowers I will think of Max.

Unpacking has been a nightmare, such a slow process with a toddler and mostly on my own. It got me really down because unrealistically I wanted to be in our new home and settled immediately but it hasn't happened and it wont for some time. And now I am ok with that, but not before lots of tears. One day at a time and slowly but surely.

My Mum is really not well, she is losing her battle. She is extremely breathless and has lost a lot of her mobility in the last couple of days, her legs are swelling up and is finding it difficult even to get up out a chair. It's all deja vous to me and really is breaking my heart.

I will leave you with snippets of our new home.

Boo and the Jacaranda tree.

Boo enjoying his new play area.
I have always wanted a big photo wall, now I have one. This is a work in progress.
The dining room, the only fully unpacked functioning room so far.

The dining room.
I will be back soon.


maytey said...

Big big hugs Vee. That's too much to be dealing with, you will be feeling very disoriented and exhausted. Lots of love to your mum, and to you both. xxx

Delenn said...

Lovely pictures. Hugs to you for your mom. And just hugs just for everything.

lparsons15 said...

Glad you made it safely to the other side! Welcome to your new home! I am so sorry about your mom...I just don't know the right thing to say.

stink-bomb said...

oh Vee i am so very sorry about your mum - even though you knew this was coming, it does not make it any easier to deal with. it's extremely unfair that anyone has to deal with this but to go through it twice, to see two people you love so much struggle and suffer - it's more than anyone should have to bear and i'm so sorry that you have to my friend.

if i didn't live on the other side of the country, i'd happily pop round and help you unpack - i LOVE packing & unpacking, yes i know, i'm weird :-P

that jacaranda tree is beautiful, we have a small one in our front yard that is going to take a thousand years to grow to any decent size but i do love them, they are gorgeous trees - i even love when they drop all their purple [gorgeous] mess all over the garden.

sending love as always.


p.s. your dining room looks spectacular, love the dark wood!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you that you and Boo are happy in your new house, it will be a new beginning for you as hard as it is.
Moving house is such a big thing and takes a lot of energy, you should be proud that you have done it. The picture of the house look lovely and Boo looks very happy in his new toy room.
The tears are a good thing, they always make you feel better after a good cry.
So sorry to hear your mum is not doing well, so sad for your mum and dad that she battling the terrible "C" it is so heartbreaking to see.
I try so hard not to remember my mums last hours with us as only want to remember the good times when she was happy and laughing, I just wish I had her here to give her a big hug.
The Jacaranda Tree will be lovely and will remind you of Max in the summer.
Thinking of you, I will pray for your mum.
Mary xx