Thursday, July 14, 2011

Packing Shmacking

I am SO over packing my goodness, it has taken a lot longer than I expected. It doesn't help when you have a very curious toddler who has to pull things out of boxes as you put them in!

It took 3 days to pack the office, there was so much paperwork to sift through everything had to be read before being ripped up and trashed or kept. Max held onto paper work, he was a paperwork hoarder!
It was emotional finding old photos, cards and notes going through his wallet that was still left untouched on his on his desk, there were lots of tears but I did it, I got through what I thought would be the toughest part of packing. And tough it was, but I no longer have to stress about doing it, it is now behind me. I have put all of his special things including his clothes in a big storage box. I look at the box and think that is all the tangible stuff I have of him , Max in a box. I wonder what would be in my box?

The big plastic bag is still in the wardrobe, everything around it packed, the bag left alone. I will get to it, perhaps open it, perhaps not.

I get the key tomorrow, I still have so much to do, but at the moment I just feel like sleeping I am so tired.

Bea and her family came over, she has an absolutely gorgeous family. Boo had a great time playing with P and Bea says P told her he did too. I took some photos but I am not very happy with them, which I am a bummed about. We had a lovely afternoon anyway and it was so great to see them.

I better get packing whilst Boo has a nap, no little fingers pulling things our of boxes.

One of the cards I found. It had a photo of a frog on the outside and inside Max wrote this.
I posted it on FB yesterday when I found it and a friend suggested I get another tattoo with the heart and crown. I kind of like the idea.

What would be in your box? What tangible things would you want family/friends to keep of yours after you passed?

I would want them to keep my jewelery, I don't have much but the pieces I have are pretty special. Also my artworks and some items I have collected and bought on my travels. That's about it.


edenland said...

Oh what a goddamn beautiful post. MATE - good luck with the packing. I love that tattoo idea, love love love. Exactly that. Fuck he was so so talented.


Karen A. said...
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE the tattoo. I say do it.


lparsons15 said...

I like that tattoo...Go for it!
Good luck with all the packing..NO FUN!

Lut C. said...

Sifting through the office must have been very hard. Good that you did find some gems there.

I can't come up with anything of mine that is worth keeping. Nothing more then some nick-nacks to remember me by (a few pictures, some of my old toys, one of the stuffed animals I made?).

Bea said...

That would be a great-looking tattoo.


Ruby said...

Yes, paper files are the hardest to let go. Even if you know you won't need 'em anymore, it feels like you're tearing part of your past when you shred them. Oh well, I guess that's just part of fixing paperwork.

- Ruby Badcoe