Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Plan.

I have been having lots of travel dreams, I don't remember them when I wake but I do know that some have been good and some have been frustrating. Which covers what our trip would be like, I imagine.

Thank you all for your tips on traveling with a toddler. They have been very, very helpful. There are some things I have been struggling with like Thailand having no regulations at all in regards to car restraints. I have decided that I will deal with it when I get there and possibly hire a car seat.  And what to do with Boo once I check in the stroller at the airport. Do I carry him in the Ergo or do I put a harness on him and make him crawl beside me like a puppy dog. Ha just kidding. Ergo is definitely an option and depending on which size plane we are on I may be able to carry on an umbrella stroller.

Pamela asked a great question in my last post.

"But Vee I'm wondering if you're returning to the same places exactly (hotel, photo locations, etc) and what you plan for when you're there. Have you ideas, any contingency plans - if it's too difficult/upsetting? Don't mean to be a downer, I'm just naturally looking for problems/solutions."

Well here is the plan, if you can call it a plan. We will be staying at the same beach (Karon) but a different hotel although Max and I did in fact stay at this hotel for two nights because they double booked us in our original hotel. But we are staying in different rooms to where stayed. I liked this area it has everything to offer that busy Patong has but on a smaller scale. We are 3 minutes walk to the beach we have 3 pools to choose from including toddler pools,  markets, cafe's & restaurants. Going somewhere that I have been to before also makes me feel a lot more confident for my first time overseas travel with Boo.

There will be lots of places I will visit that will no doubt remind me of Max and I will do my best to deal with them there and there, like I do my best dealing with them at home. I know I will cry, but that is ok. I am sure I will smile also.  I know that all the reminders there will be wonderful memories.

There are some things that I do want to replicate. Things I want to take photos of but instead of with Max I will take them with Boo. He is the man in my life now and always. I will also look forward to creating new wonderful memories with Boo. There are a lot of things that I can't do with Boo that Max and I did, like having snorkeling day trips, but there are things that Max and I didn't do that I want to do with Boo, like visit the Gibbon Rehabilitation centre.

So I don't really have any plans, but usually when Max and I went on holidays away. We would have one day on and one day off. So on our "on" days we would do day trips/tours and be out and about all day and on our "off" days we would stay locally hang out the hotel/pool or go the beach and just relax. It was a great balance and it always worked really well for us. I am hoping it will work with Boo also, but it may be a little unpredictable so we will just take one day at a time.

2 weeks to go, gulp!
I am still waiting on Boos' passport but according to an email in my inbox I do believe it is on it's way phew!


maytey said...

Ergo carrier worked well for me at the airport. But if he's happy with restraint, I'm sure that would be fine too. Use whatever makes you the least worried/distracted. When we flew to NZ with James he was running around on the tiled floor, and did a massive splat, chipping his front 2 teeth. It was very traumatic. Now he has one tooth going grey. Moral: keep him close! So excited for you, it will be lots of fun. You will deal with the logistics, it's tricky and keeps you busy but you will find that people will want to help you and the staff will be great. x

Bea said...

One day on/one day off is a great plan for anyone's holiday, definitely with the under-twos as well although you seem well and truly prepped to go with the flow if it needs adjusting.

It was a thoughtful question. I know you are used to dealing with places around home that Max and you used to enjoy together, but it's possible it will hit you a little differently out of context in a foreign country. Or not, who knows yet? Nevertheless, it will help with Boo to be in a somewhat familiar location, and I have confidence that you will weather the emotions.

I'm very much looking forward to hearing the trip report (and seeing the pics, as usual!)


Miss Ruby said...

WOW how very exciting!!


Lut C. said...

Sounds like you're well prepared!

MrsSpock said...

I think that sounds like an excellent plan!

Lifeslurper said...


I like your plan!

Oh, I am so excited for you and Boo!

LS x