Monday, February 7, 2011


It's a week before we leave for Thailand, I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am forever thinking about the plane trip and what I need to do and not do. I read a good tip this morning and that is never to let your toddler put their feet on the floor when flying because all they will want to do is run around. Although Boo isn't walking, YES you heard right, he is 17 months and NOT walking he doesn't want a bar of it. He took a few steps when we were on our beach holiday and has now completely lost interest. Every time I try and make him walk he plonks down on his bum and refuses to stand up. He is certainly cruising and climbing everything in site though. So I will try my best not to make him stand anywhere on the flight instead take him on walks in my arms.

I am slowly getting things sorted for the trip I feel like I should be packing but it's too early yet and we are still wearing our Summer clothes. Speaking of Summer we have just had a heatwave high temps for over a week, it was horrendous. Reaching over 40 degrees (104F) and sitting at 30 degrees (86F) through the night into the morning. We tried our best to stay cool, going to the beach, fountains, aircon shopping centres, my brothers pool. We finally got a cool change last night, which I am so glad for. I know it's going to be hot in Phuket but not that hot and at least you get a bit of a sea breeze in the evenings. Unlike what we have just had. Australia is just crazy at the moment, we have had floods, a cyclone, bush fires and heatwaves, oh and we have had Oprah. Jokes. My thoughts are with those that have been caught up in it all.

Boo's helmet wearing has gone out the window. It's just been too hot, he can't stand wearing it and cries and whinges constantly because it's just too uncomfortably hot. I have tried putting it on of a morning and he seems to wear it for a couple of hours but that is about it. I might have to try again once the weather cools down a bit. I try and imagine myself wearing it and I know I would be terribly uncomfortable so I don't blame the poor boy.

I started writing this post this morning with so much to say and now it's afternoon and I don't remember what it was I had to say and has become mishmash.
So for now that is all I have. I am recovering from a heatwave.

These photos taken on Australia Day last week, you can see the heat.

Steamy, humid, sticky heat.
My Little Aussie on Australia Day.

Keeping cool.


Kristin said...

That sounds like the miserably hot summer we had in 2010. I hope y'all have a truly fabulous trip.

Lifeslurper said...

Vee: Isn't it bizarre...the weather? Flood on the second anniversary of our worst bush fires....heatwave and days later I was using the electric blanket! Friday was a day of crazy electrical storms and was followed by a weekend of flash flooding...oh and we nearly lost Queensland last week.

I can understand your nerves about the trip, but once you are on your way things will settle - this I am sure of! You and Boo will have a fabulous time!

I looooove the latest photos!

LS x

Bea said...

Oh my goodness yes the heat. After the rain, along with the cyclones... fires... I am just glad for a bit of honest cloud today.

I thought of one more thing for the flight. I saw it advertised at the airport one time (*after* we were off the last plane trip, I believe) that you can get little ear plugs and I think they're for children as young as 1yo and they help with the pressure. Now, obviously the child has to tolerate wearing them. And I can't remember what they're called. But they were available from pharmacies, for what that's worth! I'm sure by now you've heard all the other strategies - getting them to suck/drink during takeoff and landing etc, I think saline sprays up the nose are supposed to help, too?


Lut C. said...

The bizarre weather in Australia has been on the news here too. I hope things calm down now.