Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Didn't and I Wont.

The ten bags of clothing sat on my dinning room floor for a couple of days. I was constantly walking past them there was no escaping them. I had this thought to go through them all again just in case I was getting rid of anything I shouldn't.

But I didn't.

Then came Monday, I loaded up the car, just as well I have a sportswagon, filled the boot and the back seat beside Boo and we drove to our local Vinnies.
I honked my horn out the back lane like I was instructed to when I called to make sure they in fact needed ten bags of clothes and out came a lovely man who helped me unload the car. I wanted to tell him to make sure they went to good homes because they belong to my dead husband. You know my best friend, my companion, my lover, my sons Daddy.

But I didn't.

He rolled down the shutters and off he went. The ten bags out sight.
I thought since I was there I should go into the store to have a look around. I caught a glimpse of the back room and there were the bags ready to be sorted, Max's shirt, the one that still had it's sleeves rolled up, was hanging out of one of the bags. I took a deep breath held back the tears and continued browsing. I bought some old/new toys for Boo to play with on our plane trip and left knowing that Max's clothes would soon be circulating the community and helping others. I have this urge to go back to the store this week, to see his clothes hanging on the racks and to touch them again.

But I wont.


MrsSpock said...


Delenn said...

Such a hard thing and you tackled it bravely. [[hugs]]

Kristin said...

Oh Vee...lots of {{{hugs}}} and love.

Miss Ruby said...

i think youre so brave to have done it - im not sure id have been able to do that just yet, in fact ever but i suppose we do need to move on even when we dont wish to.

im very proud of you vee - they were only things but at the same time they were maxs things so i know how hard it was for you to pack them away.

sending big hugs


Bea said...

This is a really beautiful post, Vee.

I am imagining that shirt making someone very happy.


serenity said...

Gorgeous post, Vee. [Tears]


BigP's Heather said...

Lots of people will be helped thanks to you. I'm proud of you.

Lut C. said...

A difficult trip, but necessary. And a good contribution to your community.

DaisyGal said...

Oh my friend, my sweet wonderful friend. Whatever gets you through this do it.
I sit in awe of that big, special, wonderful heart of yours.

HUGS and LOVE xo

tireegal68 said...

It's so poignant. I know that word is overused. But you captured some of Max's essence in the way he wore his clothes and how he chose them and that must have been so hard to say goodbye to. I'm sure Boo will cherish the special things you saved him from his dad when he is a little older. Have a lovely holiday:)

Lifeslurper said...

Oh Vee!

You did so well....honestly!

Just a beautiful post.

LS x