Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eight years ago today.....

I married my best friend.
We always dreamed of growing old together.
The universe decided that our dream wasn't to be.
I miss him so much.
I feel lonely every single day.
Even when I have my Boo and family and friends.
I am still lonely.
There is something missing.
My Max.
He is missing.
My evenings are still the hardest.
It's quiet.
It's still.
No one to talk to.
No one to laugh with.
No one to cuddle with.
They are empty.
Just like the big gaping hole in my heart.

Happy Anniversary Bubs miss you more than you will ever know.
Thank you for choosing me.
I wish we were forever.


BigP's Heather said...

I'm sorry.

Miss Ruby said...

oh vee, happy anniversary to you BOTH!

my mum says that the evenings were the hardest times for her too in the months following dads passing.

and yes while the universe decided that you and max weren't meant to be together forever on this earth, he did let you enter each others lives for a reason - to discover what true love feels like and that will be with you forever.

big hugs and i hope you manage to do something nice for yourself today and remember happy memories that bring a smile to your face.


Delenn said...

[[Hugs]] Wish he was here for you to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry--hugs and happy anniversary to you both.

lparsons15 said...

Ohh Vee...I am so sorry. Happy Anniversary to you both, so sorry he is not there to celebrate with you.

Bea said...

Thinking of you on your anniversary. Must be a tough day. Glad you have your happy memories, but wish you were building more together.


alicia said...

hugs, happy anniversary, so sorry he cannot be with you to celebrate.

foxy said...

My heart breaks for you Vee. I hope that you can find a special way to celebrate this special day and honor the love that you and Max will always share. ((hugs))

luna said...

I won't say happy anniversary, but I hope it is filled with wonderful memories to temper the sadness. I wish it was forever too, vee. sending love your way.

Anonymous said...

Such a hard day for you my sweet friend. I'm so sorry that it had to be like that. Be brave- Max would have wanted that for sure. Forever in your (and our) heart.

edenland said...

I wish you both were forever too.

Thinking of you, Sweet Vee.


serenity said...

Happy Anniversary, Vee. Love to you and Boo.


Somewhat Ordinary said...

Thinking of you on this special day.

Anonymous said...

Ti sono vicina con i miei pensieri
Angela G.

DaisyGal said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my sweet friend.
Max was a very lucky man you know, he got you...and choosing you was a wise, wonderful choice. You are amazing.

I just wanted to tell you in reading this, that I thought.."BUT Vee, was Max's forever" He had you for his forever...and maybe that will make your heart lighter as you celebrate him today.

I am so sorry, for this hard day, for losing Max, for feeling lost and alone. I want to pick you up and hug you and tell you that you're not...but none of us, even with all our love and hugs can take his place, and I don't want to. I just want YOU to know that somewhere in Heaven, Max is still counting his lucky stars, feeling like he is the luckiest guy in this world and the after, because he got to share his LIFE with you.

Love you Vee...and sending all the comfort I can.

Lut C. said...

I have nothing wise or soothing to say, but know my thoughts are with you.

Jenny said...

Thinking of you Vee.

loribeth said...

Love is forever, even if we ourselves are not. (((hugs)))