Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's a long way.

I put a house application in. I really, really want this house. It has everything we need and lots and lots of space. Hopefully find out tomorrow afternoon if I was successful or not. Fingers crossed.

See that paragraph you just read, I wrote it whilst Boo was having his nap, that is far as I got because he woke up. I decided to take him to the park since the clouds were clearing after sporadic rain. Driving to the park, I received a call from the real estate agent to tell me I missed out on the house. Maaaaan I was bummed, I was so counting on that house. I shouldn't have got my hopes up but it was the first decent house I had seen that had everything! I was imagining where I was going to put the furniture, how I was going to decorate blah blah. It wasn't to be, hopefully something better comes up soon.
We did have some fun at the park though.


I am finally getting organised to do start some training for the City2Surf. I bought a new pair of runners yesterday, I had my old ones for years and they where no longer comfortable. I was hoping to buy some funky ones, so I could maybe where them causally as well as for training. I am sure I have seen funky looking runners on people before but all I saw at the sportstore where these ugly things. Why are they so ugly? 

I ended up buying some boring white ones with a purple tick on them, but they are really comfortable. So I am going to start doing heaps of walking with Boo, and possibly look into a gym with a creche if I can find a good deal. It kind of dawned on me the other day that the run in 14kms, 14kms!!! That is a long, long walk. I can do it!


alicia said...

ohh sorry about the house! that sucks, cute superman pics!!!!

foxy said...

your little superman is the most adorable little guy ever! I love that you post the sweetest pictures of him. The rainboots, the cape, his curiosity, i just have this most wonderful sense that he is such a special child.

Sorry about the house. Moving is hard enough, and to have the ups and downs of finding the right place to call home, well, it is hard.

Lut C. said...

That is a bummer, missing out on the house. :(

Lovely pictures of your super boy. Too cute.

14 km is a long walk. Buying comfortable shoes is a good start.

lparsons15 said...

Oh sorry about the house..that's a bummer, hopefully you will find something else soon...Love the Superman pics!

Kir said...

Boo, you are adorable!!!! That little cape is perfect for you, the HERO you are.

and Vee, I am so sorry the house didn't pan out. Sending lots of love and hope for a better one soon! xoxxo

stink-bomb said...

i'm sorry about missing out on the house Vee, i know how hard it is to find a "decent" rental!! here's hoping your dream house turns up soon and you manage to snaffle it up.

nice looking runners are hard to come by, my pair are just plain white with a teeny tiny bit of pink and they were the best pair [that were also comfortable] that didn't look crap!

Boo as always is looking "super" cute!


ecb said...

Ummm, why are his undies on the inside? Lol. He is SOOOOO sweet. You WILL find a house, Vee.