Friday, June 18, 2010

Walk with me.

I still can't write or at least haven't written that post, the one I want to write. I'll get there, when the time is right I suppose.

I have been totally buried in "Our Backyard Fundraiser" when I say buried I literally mean buried, my house was wall to wall filled with prizes and supplies we couldn't sit anywhere, even my bedroom was filled with beers and drinks and boxes for it and just when I thought there was enough, more things would pile in. I am not at all complaining I was overwhelmed by the generosity of people it really has blown me away.

The Fundraiser was a great success. After so much rain for weeks on end, Sydney pulled out a magical sunny day. I am sure Max had something to do with that. He was certainly with us all day I felt his presence as we celebrated the day in his memory. We had 130 guests! We had a huge marquee with a floor, a jumping castle, a photobooth, silent auctions, raffles, gummi bear guessing competition, helium balloons, a live band (my nephews band) and lucky door prizes.  Oh and the sausage sizzle and a cafe machine with  heaps of cakes and sweets. We handed out gift thak you bags filled with goodies, which were a hit.  Everything was donated, it was unbelievable! It kept everyone entertained all day. Friends and family are still talking about how much fun they had and what a great cause. That makes me happy and Max would be just over the moon. Selfishly the whole event, even though lots of work, was really rewarding. We raised $11,543 for the Rainbows for Kate Foundation I am hoping we made some difference. Max's artworks sold at the live auction, one going for $400 and the other going for $600 he would be so delighted with that! People are already talking about the "next one" hold on! I am still recovering from this one and did I ever even mention a next one ? It's too early to even contemplate.
The beautiful team from the RBK foundation were there, including Kates husband and gorgeous girls. He presented me with this fantastic gift, which means so much to me. I love it!

It's still not over yet, I now have all the thank yous to get out and I still haven't done Max's funeral thank yous yet. So I will still be busy, busy. I am keeping busy with Bubbaboo also, he is growing into one cheeky boy, but good cheeky. You can see his little personalty coming through and he constantly makes me smile. He was tossed around to so many arms at the fundraiser and he wasn't worried one bit.

Bea and BP came to visit this week. They had actually booked their tickets to come to the first fundraiser that was planned before Max passed away which was just so lovely of them. Since that didn't happen they changed their dates. It was so nice to see them and spend some time with them both. Bea and PB had an eventful start to the trip but I will let Bea tell that story if she wishes.  I tried to be hospitalable and Bea reassured me I was but I felt like crap with a head cold and unwinding from the fundraiser.  We had a lovely day out to Darling Harbour , it was freezing and the day started off wet but we did get some blue sky by the end of it. BP is one very clever little boy, he is amazing and a real cutie!  I loved watching Bubbaboo interact,  they were really good together, although it was challenging trying to get a photo of them together. I soon realised that 2 year olds unlike 9.5 month olds don't sit still for very long.

I am sure I have so much more to say about this entire week but I am just too tired, I should get to bed and rest up. But I will leave you with some pics of the fundrasier.

If you would like to donate to the foundation please visit the Rainbows for Kate website and make a donation online.

The backyard setup.

The Prizes & Silent Auctions
Max's Artwork up for Live Auction.

The Jumping Castle in action.

The sweets.


Bea said...

130 guests! I was going to ask at some stage and I never got around to it.

You were an excellent host, and I will write it up and when I do others will agree. But I am about 2hrs overdue for bed here and I have to go to work in a frighteningly small number of hours... so another day...

Thanks for a great visit. They certainly did interact well together.


DaisyGal said...

wow, it sounds and looks like it went so well.

I am glad it did, that Max and the sunshine were with you.

I think of you every day...sending hugs from far away.

serenity said...

I wish I could have been there for it, too. But it sounds like it went really well, and I'm thrilled the weather broke for it. Happy, too, that you and Bea had a good visit.


Pundelina said...

Beautiful Vee - what a lovely day and a fantastic amount raised! You are so strong to keep everything together and pull all this off. Amazing!


(Thanks so much for your good wishes too, it means a lot to me.)

jill said...

Wow that sounds amazing. So glad everything went well! *hug*

alicia said...

WOW!!! sounds like a huge success and so much fun! 130 ppl is a incredible turn out! well done :)

Miss Ruby said...

Sounds like a huge success Vee!

luna said...

what a wonderful event, vee. amazing!

Carolyn said...

Oh Honey!

If I were in your shoes, I know I would have called the whole thing off.It sounds like it was a resounding success and a job well done!

Feel free to take a bow!

Take care,

Gil said...

It looks like it was absolutely spectacular Vee! Congratulations on this huge success and the massive donation to the Foundation! YAY!!! (I still wish I could have purchased one of Max's artworks!) And yeah, I'm with you in your idea that Max had something to do with the weather. I bet you anything he made it perfect for your day. Well done sweetie! And I'm glad you and Bea had a lovely visit!

Nearlydawn said...

Wow! That was an amazing afternoon! It is wonderful of you to put all that effort in to make it happen. Well done!

Kimberly said...

Oh it looks beautiful and amazing, and I am so glad it went well.

edenland said...

Over eleven thousand dollars raised is absolutely spectacular. What a Herculean effort ..... if you ever do decided to do a next one, I will be there with bells on.

Vee, is there anywhere I can go to online that sells Maxs artwork? I would really love to buy something. You all have been in my thoughts so very much. Your Bugaboo is just delicious. A saviour. A Bringer-of-Joy.

Love you mate XOXOXOXOX

In Due Time said...

I'm glad it went so well. I know Max is proud. His artwork is simply beautiful.

Thinking about you and little Bubbaboo. xo

MrsSpock said...

So thrilled it went well!

maytey said...

Donation made :)