Monday, June 7, 2010

Just to break the silence.

We got away for the weekend. My cousin is house minding this wonderful house on huge farm with a horse and couple of prize winning donkeys and a dog and invited us to stay. We were all sisters, my sister and I, a mutual friend and her sister and my two cousins, sisters and of course Bubaboo. Even all the animals were girls! It was a real girly weekend.

We walked, we painted, we cooked, we ate, we drank and best of all we laughed....all whilst Max was watching. I know he was with me the entire time. Before his health went down hill quickly, we were organising a little holiday on a farm with animals, I got as far as researching it. I am sure he loved this place just as we did.

This is Bubaboos first painting he has ever done apart from his hand print when he was born. 
I can see a person riding a horse.
What do you see ?

Here he is at work on his second painting.


Bea said...

It's a dragon spewing fire! Some feisty determination in there, mayhaps?

The farm looks awesome. I am sure, as you are, that Max appreciated it, too.


Jules363 said...

Vee, I am so glad you got away, and got to laugh a little. The farm looks beautiful. How lovely that you felt Max there with you.

maytey said...

What awesome paintings!! Sounds like just the perfect break for you and Bubaboo, so glad you were able to enjoy yourself. xxx

mish said...

I see a figure (in black) poised to play the violin as he sits with legs drawn up to the side on a red rug. What fun it is to allow the mind to run wild with kid's paintings!

The farm looks incredible. Tranquil. Healing.


Miss Ruby said...

That farm just looks breathtaking and I can only imagine how much good it did your soul to just be in the moment and breath in all that fresh air, all the while Max was watching over you.


Delenn said...

Love the pictures, looks so much fun. I can see the horse and rider and the dragon (unfortunately, my imagination cannot see anything OTHER than those images now!)

DaisyGal said...

He's a natural!!!!! I see beautiful Chinese Fireworks!!!

I am so glad you found some peace and comfort in the land and laughter of women. (sort of like the Red Tent hmm?)

I also love that you felt Max there, laughing with you.

*happy tears*

Jane said...

A Picasso i the making...
Glad you found some company and a little respite x

Jane said...

meant 'in' not i !!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I see Don Quixote riding a horse. Especially with the chosen colours.

It looks like a lovely weekend.

Rachel Inbar said...

So glad you got away. And your photos - they could win prizes.

I love his first painting. Frame it!

Nearlydawn said...

Wonderful getaway! I wanna go next time! :)

In his picture... I see a bull fighter, jumping and whirling to avoid the charging bull.

I can also see the person riding a horse.

Wonderful. Just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful farm.
I definately think you have an artist on your hands there!

Anonymous said...

I love the new design, Vee!

alicia said...

beautiful pictures!! he is soo talented! I framed Ivy's first painting, it is on my fireplace mantel, I love looking at kids artful expressions!