Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I miss you so much...

Why am I still asking "Why? Why did this happen to such a beautiful man ? "


foxy said...

Vee - I never had the honor to know or interact with Max, but his was one of the first blogs I found and read when we got our infertility diagnosis. You and he definitely have made an incredible impression on so many of us. I'm not sure how it helps, but I wanted you to know that I think about your family often. - foxy

Bea said...

Probably because you haven't had a proper answer yet. Probably because there isn't one.


DaisyGal said...

Why indeed...I believe we are all asking that question.

and sending all the love we can to help you NOT answer it, but instead live in some peace and comfort that you knew and loved him, that you shared a life wth him , made a life with him and live in a life with him nearby.

NickJr ( a TV channel for preschoolers ) plays this song a lot with wonderful animation. Every time they do I break down now and cry for your loss....and hope you know how much you're loved and remembered every single day my friend.

Miss Ruby said...

Vee, I wish I wasn't the one to tell you this in fact I wish I DIDN'T have to tell you this but once someone told me, it didn't stop me asking but it felt like a little bit of the weight got lifted from my shoulders.

You ask why? There is no answer to that question. He was taken when he shouldn't have been, like my beloved Dad was, like many before him have and many after him will be.

Someone explained it in very bleak, cold hard almost mean terms to me following my Dad's death because I too was asking the Q - why.

While I understood why they told me what they did and while it did help a little, I thought it was also depressing because I already KNEW what they told me I just didn't want to admit it.

I will spare you what I got told.

I prefer to believe that, they are needed elsewhere for higher work (and no I don't believe in God but I do believe in "something") their time on earth was for a purpose, they may not be ready to leave when they must and we are rarely ready for them to leave but leave they must, continue on their journey they must.

The only saving grace of them leaving is knowing that once again, one day, somewhere, we will meet them and be together like we'd never been apart.

Big hugs my friend and while each day may not become easier, may each day become slightly more peaceful.


Anonymous said...

I'm asking that, too, Vee. It just makes no sense.

All my love to you and the wee one.

Pundelina said...

There's no answers, certainly nothing that makes any sense. It's just awful luck sweetVee.


Jane said...

I am so sad that you have to struggle with the question and wish I had a magic wand to turn back time and change the outcome but not having that I will send some love from one end of the world to the other ! x

MrsSpock said...

Hugs to you!!

Anonymous said...

It makes me so sad Vee that there are no answers. I still ask why my beautiful much loved mum had to be taken away so soon and why it had to be my mum.
I often get the answer that the Angels wanted her in heaven. This does not help the grief and sadness. I just wish there were answers as to "why"??????
Thinking of you as always.
Mary x

Conceptionally Challenged said...

I'm so very sorry, Vee.
I don't have an answer. Thinking of you, all of you.

Nearlydawn said...

I don't think you will ever stop asking that question. Hopefully, over time, the lack of an answer will get somewhat easier.