Friday, December 9, 2011

The Missing Pieces.

Christmas is going to be very different this year....without my Mum, without Max.
By this time my Mum would have baked hundreds of Italian biscuits and made cannoli and all the specials xmas treats she used make. This year we wont be enjoying any of them. It's sad that Boo wont remember her, that he wont remember her love for cooking and food. The wonderful talent she had that bought us all so much joy, that Max was always in awe of. I have been crying a lot for Mum lately, I miss her terribly. It was her birthday on Monday, it was a prticularly hard day to get through, but all the firsts are, I know because I have already experienced it with Max. I just need to get through this Christmas the best I can and enjoy it for my Boo's sake.

Boo helped me put the Christmas tree up yesterday. He loved helping. The only problem is that he has continued to put the decorations up and down on the tree since yesterday! It was a bittersweet moment, watching him put the decorations up. It was something I always wanted to share with Max. I kept thinking of the discussions I had with Max about when we would upgrade our tree and it was always wait till we have kids and we will get a bigger better one then. So now I have a kid, a bigger tree but no Max.

I bought Boo a Little People Nativity set and gave it to him once we had completed putting the tree up. He loves it. I really gave this gift to him on behalf of my Mum, I know that if she had seen it she would have wanted to buy it for him. You see ever since I can remember, my mother put out a nativity. She would lay down the plastic fake grass and build her nativity with all her ceramic pieces that she had bought from Italy when we went there when I was 5. Over the years some of the pieces had broken and were cracked or glued backed together, it had gone through all of us kids. It didn't come out for a few years not until the grandchildren started arriving then out it came again, every Christmas up until the last.

So now we have our own nativity and I want to put it up every year and remember my Mum.

*Boo insists that the lamb should be in the manger instead of baby Je-sus.


stinkb0mb said...

this christmas will be hard for you Vee, no doubt but you will get through it as your Mum and Max will be with you, in your heart, in your memories and in spirit.

i have to say that Boo is getting big!!

good to read an update for you - i truly hope your christmas is a peaceful one Vee.


Delenn said...

Glad for the updates. Missing people at Christmas is a theme I have seen lately across blogland. Of course, your wounds are closer to the surface and I am sure this one will be hard. But it is wonderful that you have Boo with you and he can help bring joy into this season.

Mina said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and had to comment. I lost my 50 year old mom in May, three weeks after she found out she had cancer. This Christmas will be incredibly hard for me without her, because she always made it special for us. I actually ordered the Little People Nativity set last night for my one year old son, because she always made sure we knew the real meaning of Christmas, and she loved Nativity sets. It is something she definitely would have bought for him, and I know she is smiling up there.

Hugs to you....

Leah - Bogue Living said...

I really wanted a schleich nativity (same brand as the plastic animals) set but it's a lot of dosh to get one sent here, and so since I saw the little people nativity, it is calling my name! It looks really sweet set up under the tree!

It sounds like you are making Boo a magical Christmas, such a gift especially when your heart is missing two very important people.

Anonymous said...

Been reading for a while, though I am not sure if I have commented before. Glad to hear an update from you; and I agree with the above commenter, Boo is getting big! Christmas is hard without loved ones, and I understand what you mean about all the firsts being hard after a loss. WIshing you as best a holiday as can be; the nativity scene looks wonderful and the tree magical. hugs.

Bea said...

I don't for a moment believe that Boo will grow up Not knowing about his mum's cooking. Love your nativity. I know you'll get through Christmas despite the absences.


loribeth said...

That's got to be the cutest nativity set I think I've ever seen. : ) And Boo is getting so big! So sorry you will be without both your Mum & Max this Christmas, but they will always be with you in spirit. (((hugs)))

Lut C. said...

A Christmas that will take some adjustment, that I'm sure.

The nativity display is cute. Linnea would is besotted with them at the moment. Last year I made one with her duplo figurines, I should make one with her this year.

Bec said...

Thinking of you xx