Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where have I been ?

I have been neglecting my blog, my blogging friends, commenting, reading of late and I don't like it. I need my blog, I need my blog friends and I miss you all. I do.

I have been focusing on my business which has been really busy, I love capturing beautiful people. But I am still juggling it all. I write so many posts in my head by the time I have the time to blog, I no longer have the energy to write coherently. I am hoping this is just temporary, I have a few more booked out weekends before Christmas then I hope to have a break for a few weeks so I can fine tune things and also get time to blog when I want to.

I have lots to tell you and hope to fill you in, in the very near future. But in the meantime please come and tell me what you have been up to or say hi, because I miss you all.


Pundelina said...

Hi Vee! *waves*

I'm glad you're keeping busy and doing ok. I've been much like you, too busy to blog, too tired to write for pleasure after so much writing for uni. But still here reading and hoping all is well.

Looking forward to your next update.


m said...

well hi! I totally get the blogging in your head and then being too tired to write. The problem with me is, I'm always somehow shocked when I go to my blog expecting to see posts that never magically appeared.

I think there is a reverse correlation between how much you have going on in your life and how many words end up on the page. Glad to see you pop in. I've got ambitious plans to revive my blog over the holidays as well. Glad I'm not the only one!!!

edenland said...

Hey Sisterman. We're all here .. not going anywhere. Think of you heaps, and send love down to you and Boo often. XXOX

Gil said...

Just letting you know I still read here, although I know all too well from FB about how busy you are at the moment! It's all good sweetie. Kisses to you and Boo from all of us. Much, much love comin' atcha!

foxy said...

so, even though you've been missing from the blogland, I love love love seeing you on fb. It looks like you are staying plenty busy with so many photoshoots! That must feel good to be working and taking such beautiful pictures!